Play and Learn Animal Names

This is unique memory game for kids of all ages. It is designed for kids to not only improve their memory but to recognize animals and their names. Just flip the card to see the animal picture and hear its name. The game supports various themes like sea, farm, wild animals as well as birds and bugs. Babies can play in easy level while toddlers and bigger kids will enjoy moderate or hard levels. The app supports snapped view so you can watch videos and your kid can play game simultaneously. Tip for parents: Encourage kids to repeat the name of the animal as they play. This will help them associate the picture with the name.


  • Learn different animal names by hearing its name while opening card.
  • Play with different themes like wild animals, sea animals, farm animals, birds and bugs.
  • Improve kids memory
  • Play in Easy, moderate and hard levels
  • Designed for babies as well as kids of all ages
  • Continue playing in snapped, filled or portrait modes
  • Turn sounds on or off in Settings->Preferences
  • FREE!

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29 January 2013

Both my 3.5 and 1.5 year old kids like to play the memory game and repeat the names of animals as they see them on cards. A fun way to learn the animal names.