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    Added a guide which appears when starting up the first time, or by pressing the guide button in the AppBar.

Productivity Burst

If you have a lot of things to do, you need a plan to tackle them, and Productivity Burst helps you with the combination of the following three techniques: 1. Use Priority Burst to write all the task down that you are aware of and organize them, helping you focus on one at a time. 2. Time Burst will help you pace yourself to go through the work but reminding you when to rest and when to continue working. It also keeps track of all your accomplishments, giving a good indication of progress. 3. Chain Burst helps with daily tasks. When you finish for the day, the calendar will get a cross for it. With each successful day, the chain of crosses will get longer, motivating you to not interrupt it by skipping the daily. Productivity Burst is an App which allows the user to use certain popular productivity techniques but without all the tedious writing and note making, instead utilizing the possibilities of modern technology.


  • Todo Manager
  • Timer usable for the Pomodoro Technique

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28 November 2014

Good counting and tasking features but sometimes it doesn't responds when I set a task to Today's'.


21 September 2014

This app is not intuitive and there is no help that I can find.


27 June 2014

Having recently learned about the Pomodoro Technique, I was glad to find an app to help me make the most of my time. Pros: It has a section where you can list as many action steps or tasks as you want. Internal and external interruptions can be tracked with buttons. Number of Pomodoros are recorded after each completed session. Gentle sounding chime alerts you when you have a minute left, when to take a break, and when your break is over. Useful time management tool. Cons: This would have received more stars if it weren't for how confusing it is to move the selected tasks into the other column for your to-do today action steps. It takes some getting used to, but overall it's better than some of the other time management apps out there.


26 February 2014

This is a great little app. I love the simplicity of the workflow and design. The only improvement I'd like to see (the addition of which would earn five stars from me) is for my Activity Inventory and Daily Todos to automatically save to my OneDrive so I can keep a running log on both my tablet, desktop, and laptop. If the auto-saving is too much, it would be nice if I could manually import my data. I see that I can export it, but if there is a way to import it, I don't see it. Still, even without those data management feature, I really like this app. Kudos to the developer!


15 November 2013

This app is especially awesome because it runs in the background, whereas many other Pomodoro apps do not. My only complaint is that it tends to crash quite easily after I finish a Pomodoro.


3 August 2013

Needs a lot of work..Good attempt


10 May 2013

I think the UI is great, but it took a while for me to understand some of it. I prefer to use this app in one portion of the screen, because then data entry is at its most intuitive. A little documentation could go a long way. When exporting to Excel, it exports only those active pomodoros to CSV. Delimiters are region-specific. This needs to be configurable. There is occasional bug where you can't add a new task to your daily list; restarting the app fixes this.


17 January 2013

When my surface is asleep, it will sound an alarm for the 1-minute alert, but oddly will not sound the times-up alarm if the surface is sleeping. If that gets fixed, it will be a pretty good Pomodoro timer.


7 September 2012

Hard to use, weird interface. Just doesn't work well.