Pomodoro Sauce

Pomodoro Sauce is based upon the Pomodoro productivity method. The purpose of the method is to allow bursts of undisturbed work to be done separated by a few minutes break. With Pomodoro Sauce you will be able to create your tasks, and use the built in Pomodoro timers for work and breaks.


  • Tasks management
  • Pomodoro Timers for work and breaks
  • Toast notifications and background support
  • Task Queue ordered by due date and priority

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15 May 2014

I may continue using this but there are some usability issues: - When the alarm goes off it isn't obvious that the only way to dismiss it is by clicking the notification window. I'm on a 2 monitor setup, which is fairly common... the toast notification came up on the other monitor and I couldn't immediately figure out how to dismiss the alarm. - The pomodoro entries have checkboxes for when the entry is completed; but these are for display only and cannot be clicked to mark as checked or unchecked with a mouse. This is a major fail. Again not immediately obvious that the item can be marked completed from the bottom toolbar. - The screen layout is a bit weird, with odd placement of elements. This seems to be a common problem with modern windows apps that don't properly account for screen real estate. Hopefully the author can address these issues and make this a more friendly experience.