Prayer Reminder

The Purpose of "Prayer Reminder" is to remind and automatically calculate Prayer timings and register notifications for it. It has the ability to detect online location and make specific adjustments for each prayer time calculated. There is also a snooze feature for reminding prayers. The "Prayer Reminder" has an OFFLINE version too, indicating Prayer Times of all 7551 Cities of the world. The latitudes and longitudes of the all the cities are maintained offline so you don't need an internet connection. You can also change your location and register prayer timings in other countries. The application also has "Prayer Settings" feature through which you can adjust prayer juristic and calculation methods. Please give feedback for more updates Peace!


  • Connects only once to internet to have your location for prayer times/Has Offline Version too
  • Excellent UI built specially for Windows 8 with Toast Notification Scheduler

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28 June 2014

App Should have live tile. Other than that works well.


19 December 2013



26 October 2013

The app is working nice but the description on click for Isha salah shows the description of Fajr salah i.e. Discription of Isha salah is missing kindly Update that Brother Sameer!


14 October 2013

contains lost of bugs


12 October 2013

The app is ok for what it does. However, it needs to do a lot more. For example, there needs to be a section for sunrise (since Fajr obviously ends much before Dhuhr starts). Also, instead of just beeps, there should be an adhan feature as well, offering the adhan from multiple muaddhin.


30 September 2013



25 July 2013

I've actually started praying because of this app, it kinda forces you to pray because it plays the guilt trip on you, makes you a better person on the end so I don't mind


10 July 2013

perfect, only if could show next pray time on icon.


6 July 2013

Jazakallah Brother! Sunshine in the night...


8 June 2013

Don't know if it detected my current location correctly,but the time is totally wrong.

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