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    Version 2.0.0: Windows 8.1 version is released. Version 1.1.7: UI Improvement Version 1.1.6: UI Improvement Version 1.1.5: Critical bug fix. Version 1.1.4: Bug fix and Performance Improvement. Version 1.1.3: Bug fix. Version 1.1.2: Package size reduced (13.1MB to 6.7MB). Faster and more fluid UI. Hiding day events from the clock (like Imsak) makes them less visible on the event tables of days as well. Minor bug fix. Version 1.1.1: Selection between 24-hour or AM-PM format for hours in the app now works for the live tile and toast notification. Note that because of length limit on Tile's title, we could not enable AM-PM format on the title of live tile. Version 1.1.0: New features: Adding background to the app. New features: Choosing which events you want to be seen and hide the rest. New features: Select between 24-hour or AM-PM format for hours in the app. Some minor bug fixes. Version 1.0.7: Important update, fixing problem with day-light saving in some places. Version 1.0.6: Fixing problem with updating live tile. Version 1.0.5: "Get Started" section is added to help users find out how the app works. Version 1.0.3: Fixing problem with daylight saving. Version 1.0.2: Fixing problem with finding location automatically. Version 1.0.1: UI improvement: clarifying the inputs, improving the visualizations for small displays, better settings charm. Changing the age rating to 7+. Reducing the application size. Vers

Prayer Times Free

Prayer times app calculates Muslim prayer (salah) times worldwide. This app rethinks the genre and beautifully present the information. The app displays a daily prayer time clock along with the current and next prayers on the main application screen. It also displays the next prayer information on its live time. A toast reminder will also appear at the time of the prayer. Prayer Times app uses your current location, if available and you permit. Use locations to enter your current city name if your device is not equipped with GPS (Setting locations requires access to Internet). The app allows you to add multiple locations so that you can easily switch between different locations to see what the prayer times are for each of them.


  • Daily Prayer times clock
  • Live tile showing next prayer times
  • Reminder at the time of prayer using toast notifications
  • Ability to see prayer times for the entire month
  • Supports seven common prayer calculation methods
  • Supports three methods for calculating Isha and Fajr time at higher altitides
  • Snapped mode support for effecient multitasking
  • Geolocation support to simplify the calculation process
  • Manual search for adding custom locations
  • Different background images to choose from

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21 October 2014

Jazakum Allah khayr...if there was athan alarm would give 5 stars.


30 August 2014

Perfect. Especially this App added Shia's Prayer Times


16 June 2014

but why no athan display !!??