Pregnancy Countdown

Pregnancy Countdown calculates how far along your pregnancy is. Enter your due-date or calculate it from the date of your last period and Pregnancy Countdown will show you how far into your pregnancy you are and what trimester you are in.


  • Tracks how how far along your pregnancy is
  • Calculates due date
  • Displays your progress in a Live Tile

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29 April 2016

Gives current week and day along with a countdown.


18 September 2015

wonderful, simple.


21 August 2015

It's a nice, simple little app. Great for the most part, but I do have one complaint. On the first day of a new week, the app says that I'm x weeks, 7 days, with x being the number of weeks for the new week. That wouldn't bother me too much, except that the time left doesn't make up for it. The time left on the first day of a new week added to the current week/day ends up equaling 42 weeks. An example for clarification: Today, it says that I'm in week 37 day 7, and that my due date is 3 weeks 7 days away. Yesterday, it said that I was in week 36 day 6, with due date 3 weeks 1 day away, and tomorrow it will show that I'm in week 37 day 1, with due date 2 weeks 6 days away. If this issue could get fixed, I'd bump it up to a 5 star review. Everything else is great, it really is the simple countdown I was looking for!


20 February 2015

Calculating the EDD from the LMP would be a little more accurate if you could enter a cycle length other than 28 days. It would be cool if it could put the current week/day on the lockscreen.


4 February 2015

it would be nice if it didn't imply it was my child, it's my grandbaby. But it is easy enough to set up for us to keep up with the countdown.


13 January 2015

Would recommend to anyone


12 August 2014

very simple and basic but ity gets the job done


30 April 2014

Love the app! I can't wait to finally be holding my little man!


1 April 2014

its nice and bold I like it


29 March 2014

I love this app I like knowing how far along I am weekly :)

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