Pregnancy Plus

Expecting? Get the best and most complete pregnancy App to follow your pregnancy week by week. More than 1 million pregnant women and their partners already follow their pregnancy with Health & Parenting. 
Get the ONLY App with full size images for every week of your pregnancy. The App can also be personalised for dads, grandparents and other family members. Created by Health & Parenting Ltd. together with leading healthcare professionals. Most RECOMMENDED pregnancy application by healthcare providers and paediatricians. - DAILY info on your pregnancy
 - Beautiful colour and 2D ultrasound images
 - Diet, exercise and medical advice
 - Track your health and weight - Preparing yourself for labour
 - Baby shopping list
 - 1000s Baby names
 - Log doctor appointments The team of Health & Parenting Ltd. wish you a healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery.


  • Pregnancy info
  • Kick counter
  • Contraction timer
  • Baby names
  • Weight tracker
  • Birth Plan
  • Hospital Bag

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18 July 2016

Really loved this app. Easy to use, helpful in planning and for quick reads up on baby's progress and what you can be doing to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.


22 June 2015

I liked the app and wanted to use it until I go to a certain week and it told me to continue I had to purchase it. When it clearly states FREE. Uninstalled the app and switched to a real FREE one. :/


31 May 2015

it had helped me to plan myself well until I had my baby. I had my baby early though before the due date but it was 2days early so it was okay. thanks allot.


28 December 2014

This does a lot more than the other ones I've seen. I like that it gives you week by week and that it also has a spot for any phone numbers, helps give you a list of baby names, helps you with a shopping list and the list goes on.


12 July 2014

When something says free, and you immediately find out after download that it is NOT in fact,'s irritating. It will only show you what is going on in the first week of pregnancy, and after that of course, you have to upgrade. Waste of time.


30 June 2014

I really enjoyed this app. I got to follow along with my Daughters journey to having her first Daughter my second Grand Baby... was very pleased with the info I read...


22 May 2014

it is important for both husband and wife to have information about pregnancy so this application is quite useful


21 April 2014

I paid for the app on my phone at the beginning of my pregnancy. As beautiful as this app is, I see no reason to have to pay for it TWICE. There should be an option to link the app to your computer from your phone. The fact that you can't link the two is even more disappointing when you realize you can't share it all with your partner.


27 March 2014

This app has everything you need to learn and understand about pregnancy and what to expect and prepare for along the way. Thanks for all the help.


1 March 2014

Free? Yeah, right!! Free, means free, not hit me up for money constantly or limit the app to where it does nothing worth wild after a certain length of time!! Already deleted it & will not recommend it!

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