Primary is an action-packed twin-stick space shooter with minimalist neon graphics. It features an eclectic selection of chiptunes(electronic music comprised of soundbites from retro video games) contributed by indie artists. The innovative color and weapon swapping mechanic allows players to recharge their shields with enemy fire from like colored sources. Includes same device Two player, in both versus and co-op modes. Made by the team at trike girl studio. Completely free and open source (as much of it as I can release) ***************************************************************************************************************** This game requires a XBox360 controller ******************************************************************************************************************** Instructions There are four level types in the game. -Survival: You must survive until the end of the song -Protection: You must survive until the point has been captured, and the orange NPC ship also must survive until it captures the point -Skirmish: You must destroy all enemy spawners before the song runs out. -Versus: Kill the other player before they kill you. No timer