Comments for Print Screen Comments


3 January 2016

You start the program and there is nothing telling you how it works. Very difficult to use without a keyboard attached (still can't get it to do anything.


22 May 2015

Good tool but you cannot delete the drawing independently like the pins. Pins can you delete them by right clicking on it and go "Remove". But with drawing tool, once you draw something then draw again you are force to delete all the is a very bad bug. Please fix. Also, if there a way to hide your ad and disclaimer just right below the comments? I would not mind paying for this APP just to remove that. It is like that "Sent from my iPhone" signature which needs to go! Thx for the great work tho.


14 June 2014

This tool helps me every day as I try to talk with co-workers about the stuff we're creating. Lots of 'image note taking' tools out there. This one works because it allows me to type my comments quickly without needing to treat my text as graphics. It's very quick. I like how when I share from the app, it includes the text of my notes in the email. Very neat; saves me time.