Touch Client for Google Drive

Touch Client for Google Drive - Get Work Done Accessing Google Drive from Windows has never been easier and intuitive. All your files in one place. With 15 GB of free Google Drive Online Storage, you can store Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Photos, Music - anything. Touch Client for Google Drive is a windows store app optimized for touch and keyboard. Supports, - Multiple Google Drive Accounts - Offline Access - Background upload & download - Writing comments on files - Sharing files - Searching files - And many more This is an unofficial Google Drive App but as good as an official one. For any questions, send an email to © 2015 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google Logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.


  • View documents, spreadsheets and more
  • Upload multiple files in background
  • Edit Google Docs using Google Docs Online Editor
  • Sync your Non Google Docs file changes
  • Download multiple files in background
  • Search your files by name and content
  • Set permissions and share your files
  • Write comments on file, reply to them and mark them resolved
  • View Starred Files
  • View Recent Files
  • View all the files shared with you
  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Trash and Delete your files
  • Slideshow of all your photos
  • View file details

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27 November 2015



25 November 2015

so far I have n issue with the app for the most part. but I did have an issue earlier where the names or label's of the files or documents were missing and I had to go by memory. but I just did a reset and they are appearing again. also when I refresh the documents and files make copy's of them self's but that gets fix as soon as I enter a document or file and its only again that's all the issues I have for now


22 November 2015

I downloaded this app just a few days ago but so far I've had excellent results. If it remembers and stores my passwords like it says, I will be very happy . I have Parkinson's and even though I try to write down important information . , I either can't read my notes or I lose them. Thanks Touch for Google Drive , I recommend you for all !


13 November 2015

good and convenient but slow


6 November 2015

I really count one this app to keep my files safe and sure not disappointed at all. I think it's the best.


27 October 2015

Not bad.