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  • Category: Games / Adventure
  • Published by: Microsoft Studios ?
  • Size: 3.25 GB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86
  • Language: English (United States) and 11 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    Project Spark requires a connection to Xbox Live for initial login and some features. v1.21.50909.2 For detailed information on what each Project Spark update contains, head over to www.projectspark.com.

Project Spark

Discover the world’s next best game…or create it yourself! Project Spark is a powerful yet, simple way to build and play your own content, stories and games. Even better, it’s completely free! PLAY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF GAMES! • A multitude of games are at your fingertips - everything from epic questing in Celestial Quest to racing galactic superstars in X-Zero. Hundreds of genres, new games and play mechanics are available for immediate and unlimited free access. Play them right now! • Play Champions Quest: Void Storm to experience the epic tale of Spark and the Champions. Level up six different Champions to unlock outrageous powers as they battle the wicked world-devouring Void and solve devious Kode Glitches to save the idyllic planet of Kora. • Play Conker’s Big Reunion, a brand new adventure starring Conker taking place 10 long years after he was crowned king of the land. Meet up with friends like Birdy the Scarecrow, use Context Sensitive skills to solve puzzles and collect cash to fatten your wallet and get rich! UNLIMITED CREATION -- FREE! • Stun the world with your very own game! Thought you could make it better? Had an idea you’ve never seen before? Quickly and easily turn your idea into a game with Create and Start from Scratch. • Have you ever wanted to change something about a game as you play it? Now you can with Crossroads! Change the whole game as you play, or just choose your own missions and objective and then take down the bad guys to save the day. Easily mix things up to make the adventure different every time! • Project Spark is completely free! No in-game purchases! No Marketplace! No ads! All content is available right out of the box to play and create with. With over 2,000 assets to use, what will you create?


  • Play virtually unlimited games with direct access to tens of thousands of games created by a global community.
  • Remix games you download from the community to add your own touch or to use it as a foundation for your own creation!
  • Experience Champions Quest: Void Storm, the epic campaign created by Team Dakota within Project Spark itself!
  • Pre-made “brains” make it easy to put behavior on virtually any object. Simply drop in the brain, and immediately play with it!
  • Create anything you can imagine with simple tools and a powerful, yet simple, visual programming language.
  • Project Spark is available for Windows 8 and Xbox One, and seamlessly connects between the two platforms, so games created and played on one platform are available on the other.
  • Project Spark requires a connection to Xbox Live for initial login and some features.
  • Compatible with Xbox One controller when connected via USB.
  • Compatible with the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.
  • Supports both mouse/keyboard and touch controls.

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28 April 2016

tengo internet estable memoria demas 393Gb y me dice que no se puede descargar porfavo me pueden ayudar


17 April 2016

Looks extremely nice, but takes foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer to download


4 April 2016

good game but not for me :)


2 April 2016

I downloaded it but everytime I try to open it it exits out of it im using windows 8.1


28 March 2016

If you don't have Xbox live, you can't play. What crap.


9 February 2016

Every time I try to play the game it brings me to the windows start menu and when I try to open the program it keeps bringing me back to the windows start menu.


7 February 2016



6 January 2016

I downloaded this but its not even starting its just showing me the spark and then screen goes black and its not doing anything


1 January 2016

All your dreams comes true with Project Spark , the most important is the imagination , the programming too, but its just follows patterns and learn how the engine functions, there is not limit for create ! , Bravo !


11 December 2015

I love this game and the creativity that it uses, but I can't download it. Well, actually, I could play it for about three days, but then I figured out yesterday that it wouldn't work. I restarted my computer but it didn't help. So something is wrong with the downloading part, but the graphics and the game itself is great. If you fix this and make it downloadable, I'll rate it a five star. ;)

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