Puzzle Now!

Thanks to having the best users ever, we were able to take all of your great ideas and create something truly new - ‘PUZZLE NOW!’. As jigsaw games go, this App is an absolute winner. ‘PUZZLE NOW!’ goes the extra distance to create a superb experience whether jigsaw puzzles are your thing or not. It is a highly polished jigsaw puzzle game, fun for the whole family. It comes with 15 brightly colored and beautiful photos to create jigsaws out of. The pictures are easy to reassemble at first but gradually become more difficult. Download ‘PUZZLE NOW!’ from the Windows 8 Store for free right now and a fascinating pastime is guaranteed to you. Future updates will add features like background music, advanced levels, custom photos, ability to save the settings and scores, etc.


  • A constantly updated collection of puzzles
  • Colorful theme pictures
  • Totally Free

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22 November 2015

Your comment about your interest in your customer's feedback is what drew me to this app so I'll let you know what I experienced. I am uninstalling because it was not what I was looking for. I wanted a traditional puzzle format. The puzzles you offer are beautiful photography but I was not prepared for a "squares" puzzle with no tutorial, no instruction that I could find and not enough explanation in the store that I understood what I should expect.. Within minutes I found myself saying "This is stupid." Like fighting with a rubric's cube square that jumps around after you place it! Will uninstall. Not what I was looking for.


8 October 2015

Do not understand how to play; no instructions. do not like it!


14 August 2015

No instructions, no fun. A how to would be helpful


18 May 2015

This app has no instructions, the pieces are extremely difficult to move and they jump all over the place. Not only that, a nine-piece slider puzzle is hardly a puzzle at all. The pictures are nice but that's the only partly redeeming fact, this game really stinks.


11 May 2015

This app won't let me put the squares where they belong. Also there is no instructions on how to do these puzzles.


18 March 2015

how do I get into the puzzle to put it together


8 March 2015

No instructions!


18 December 2014

Absolute rubbish and one of the worst games I have ever played, Will never reinstall it again.


1 December 2014

I want to uninstall this app. Did not like it.


8 November 2014

fun but you need more puzzles

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