Rail Maze

Rail Maze is the latest game by Spooky House Studios. Solve 100+ of challenging and unique puzzles, build railroads, bomb through obstacles, escape PIRATES on rails. Have a lot of fun with this new and unique puzzle game.


  • 100+ puzzles
  • Tunnels
  • Bombs
  • PIRATE trains
  • Super long trains
  • Global online scoreboards by Scoreloop
  • 4 game modes: LABYRINTH - Puzzle, BUILD RAILROAD - Action, SNAKE - Action, LONGEST RAILROAD - Puzzle Action

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5 October 2014

All I get is a blank white screen and music, and this is the 3rd time I have downloaded it. I have a Windows 8 tab. Not worth it. Very disappointed as I had no problem on my Asus tab.


7 May 2014

Instruction pop up screens are inadequate. Partially missing; cut in two; little to no instructions of some of the games. The ones with individual placing of rails never has instructions of when of where the start or finish is.


18 February 2014

Would love this but only music and blank white screen


15 January 2014

I'm having the same problem as many other reviewers. Please fix this! I've played the game before and really enjoy it so I was excited to find it available for Win8. I will be happy to update my review once the issue is resolved.


9 December 2013

Does not work for me. White screen only.


23 October 2013

Music and white screen only


4 June 2013

First point - the option to turn off the sound does nothing. Otherwise, I find this an interesting game, with potential - I am a fan of puzzle games, and I like how this one is set up. However, I only had the patience for a few levels, because I prefer to have sound turned off (and muting the computer wasn't an option, I was using it to listen to music).


25 April 2013

POS - all I get is a white screen and music. Don't waste your money!


24 March 2013

I paid, then downloaded the game to my Samsung smart pc and all I see/hear is music. Nothing else on the screen...help


1 December 2012

Nicely produced puzzle game. Works well with a mouse, and should be really good for kids.

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