Rapid Bike Racing

Motorcycle game to race your on beautiful 3D racing tracks. This 3D game is a Physics-engine based motorcycle game, get from start to finish as quickly as possible without crashing and get your time gauged. Tilt to turn and move, tap to accelerate, brake and reverse. With this unique bike racing game you get the practice, hurdles, and stunt jumping skills you need to fulfill the challenge. Play different levels from practice to stunts. The game is addictive and thrilling, brings the thrill of realistic motorcycle physics to your PC with sport bikes, amazing graphics and more realistic racing game play than ever! This simple and fast paced game will give you thrill and real adrenaline rush you are looking for, and you don't get in real life bike racing. Get here the bike racing simulation and drive the bike so fast you never dare in real life. How to Play: - There are predefined sets of tracks and you need to ride your bike through each one in the shortest time possible. - Your best time will automatically get noted. - You’ve got an accelerate button, brake button and an accelerometer from keyboard (Left, right, up and down key) - avoid the hurdles, use to ramp to jump over hurdles. Features: - Superb motorcycle racing adventure - Real fast racing game where only speed and skill count! - Awesome 3D graphics! - Stunning 3D bike racing tracks - Realistic bike physics controls - Accelerate, brake and reverse controls - practice on hurdle free road - pass the hurdles to get next levels - play 4 different levels - perform jumps, stunts - Get the Adrenaline rush that one gets when racing an actual bike on a pro circuit RationalVerx Gaming Studios ------------------------------ Web: www.rationalverx.com www.facebook.com/rationalverx twitter @rationalverx

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28 July 2015

Once I installed the app I went on it and it finished loading I was clicking on play but NOTHING really worked THAT SUCKS !!!!!!


16 June 2015

best bike racing game on windows, loved the tracks,