Rate My Swing

How does your swing rate compared to the top-100 tour pros? Find out today. Rate My Swing analyzes your club and body motion and assigns a grade A+ to F for each swing along with a detailed explanation. Watch your game improve as your swing grade improves. SwingClones are models with swing motion based on the median motion of the top-100 money winners on the pro tour. More than 115,000 body-part motion calculations occur for each swing. You are guided step-by-step through the process of manipulating a clone by touch to analyze recorded swing clips from your cell phone or digital camera. Analysis occurs instantly as each body part adjustment affects green, yellow or red indicators. No prior experience with swing analysis is required. Each step is clearly described and monitored. Context sensitive help is available at all times. The clone animates the fixes for problems throughout your swing, including body-turn, body-sway, shoulder-turn, arms-position, wrist-cock and release, hip-turn, hip-sway, waist-bend, knee-bend, leg-spread and club path. See the clones in action and create a clone using the sample videos. Purchase face-on or down-the-line in-app offers to analyze and rate your own swing videos.


  • Manipulate a clone model by touch (or mouse) to match your recorded swing video.
  • Receive a swing grade (and a detailed explanation) that reflects the professional quality of your swing.
  • Watch your clone demonstrate the fixes to your swing problems at key positions.
  • Learn the basics of correct club and body motion using sample videos.
  • Purchase in-app offers for face-on and down-the-line to analyze your own swings.