Razor Salvation

Defend your homeland. Save the world. As commander of the dropship "Salvation", you are tasked with rescuing Earth's inhabitants and helping with the EDSF defence effort. Razor Salvation is the first instalment in a series of games that will take the player along the story of the Xenos and why they have invaded our planet Earth. THD Features CONSOLE GRADE GRAPHICS - High polygon character models and specular bump mapped textures and full-screen pixel effects. DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS - Blow up various parts of the environment while mowing down your enemies! Standard Features DROPSHIP AND CIVILIAN SKINS - Earn medals and exchange them for unique paint skins for your Dropship or splash out on bikini girls and cheer leaders!!! DYNAMIC COVER-BASED AI -Enemies exhibit different strategies and duck in and out of cover. Dynamic objects can be blasted around the level and the enemy will continue to find cover behind them! Shoot the Xenos, protect the civilians! Or leave them alone and watch the infected eat them... FIRST PERSON "BEACH HEAD" DEFENCE - Use the classic FPS weapons like grenade launcher, rocket launcher and railgun. Access to awesome specials like the Redeemer! PLAYER CREATED FACTIONS - Create your own factions with friends and fight together to be the top performing Faction in the world! FIGHT FOR YOUR REGION - Help your world region to the top of the rankings! UNIQUE LEADERBOARD TITLES - Be the best shooter or savior and show off with the ability to be at the top!


  • First Person Shooter
  • Zombies
  • Explosions

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16 April 2013

It would never start when I downloaded this game.


7 April 2013

All I get is a black screen with background music.


28 December 2012

this is just a normal game and price to update is really expensive. there isn't much upgrade, there is a few weapon, a few mission (only 3 ??), the bugs really is disaters !!! Anytime when i attack MUTANT, the game is freeze and i must restart, my PC is Win 8 x64 any time i use guns to hit many target at the same time, the game is quickly freeze too. game is really suck, i don't think i will use money to buy it !!! Many bugs and i play this in 1 month but i didn't see any upgrade or fix bugs


26 December 2012

I can't make any sense out of this game. Downloaded the trial. Game starts and I'm stuck in some station with limited mobility, getting blasted by enemies running all over. I am unable to do any damage except by accident. Controls are non-standard. WTF?


2 November 2012

Apparently, downloading the trial version results in the game not being able to open and clicking the marketplace link on the error message says "Trial Expired," despite never having been run. That's a great way to make people want to not buy your product.


1 November 2012

Having to click the left mouse button down to move around on the screen is awkward, and fails in a multi-monitor setup. The game looks good, but has little real value. Spend your time somewhere else until they clean it up. I hear it doesn't work well on iOS either.


31 October 2012

The game is quite good...