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Build your collection of interactive books as you need, one at a time or by level as your child builds their reading skills. Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper is the UK's favourite home reading series. The highly successful Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme is used in 80% of UK primary schools. It has been developed by leading educational experts and tailored to match current teaching practice. Millions of children have learned to read and love these fabulous, entertaining and educational books. Hundreds of thousands of parents trust and are guided by them. They are the UK’s favourite learn-to-read books and are used in over 80% of primary schools. These delightful stories have fun, familiar settings, much loved characters and are enjoyed by all. The app is true to the books and focus on learning to read but in a thoroughly modern and enjoyable way. * Read these delightful stories with your child, * Or listen as each page is read to you, * Or use as an audio book * Get the exact pronunciation of each word by tapping a word on the page * Fun, interactive observation activities through each book * Activities in each book (Spot the difference, mazes etc). Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper series: * Level 1: Getting ready to read. Age 4-5 years * Level 2: Starting to read. Age 4-5 years * Level 3: Becoming a reader. Age 4-5 years * Level 4: Developing as a reader. Age 5-6 years * Level 5: Building confidence as a reader. Age 5-6 years * Level 6: Reading with confidence. Age 5-6 years


  • Exciting stories: Enjoyment is an important element in becoming a reader. Each story has been specially written and beautifully illustrated to support and encourage your child’s reading at home.
  • Carefully Graded: Six levels, with gradual progression and vocabulary repetition throughout, help build reading confidence, using a combination of Phonics and First Stories.
  • Oxford Owl: Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper levels match Oxford Reading Tree stages and are designed to support your child's progression at school.
  • Hints and Tips: Every book provides practical tips and stimulating ideas for you to use with your child when reading and discussing the story.
  • Puzzles and Activities: Each book includes fun activities to encourage your child to pay attention to detail, exercise recall and practice their reading skills.

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8 February 2015

Using a Dell Venue 11 Intel Atom Quad Core Z3770 and Sony VAIO 4th Gen Core I5 - Content is great if I could get it to work. Most of the time it freezes. The touch is unresponsive such as the [x] button (inside of the sample book) does not close content or return to menu. Latency between turning pages. It does not have a smooth transition. Please Fix with update and I will re-rate this app. I believe it has wonderful content and would be great in the future for my son or to get him started reading. It needs to work close to flawless. I would give this a 5 if it will work with my systems.


23 August 2013

Downloaded and installed this for my kids and nothing but a black screen :-(


31 January 2013

You buy the game for free, but have to buy all the books! Stupid.