Real Ambulance Simulator

Real Ambulance Simulator game is an exciting game where you can drive ambulance in real environment to help needy humankind. In this game you are not playing a car racing or truck parking game but instead you trying to be savior by driving the ambulance to the patients who are in dire need of help. Do your job perfectly and rush to the patients on time to save them.You’re the on-duty ambulance driver and you’re reported about the accident. You need to get in your ambulance and drive to the injured ones as fast as you can, pick them up and rush them to the nearest hospital. Lives are at stake so drive with a purpose as you are on a rescue mission. Rush your ambulance around the city to get to the scene of accident in time or you’ll fail to save someone’s life. Reach to the patients on time pick them in ambulance and rush to hospital as it’s the best thing you can do to save them in this state of emergency. Turn on the sirens and push the throttle! Remember your duty comes first! Are you able to afford stress & drive speedy through the city streets to rescue people and drive back to the hospital? Prove yourself worthy in this Real Ambulance Simulator. Real Ambulance Simulator is a realistic simulator. 18 Different levels in which you have to get to patient from town and take him to the hospital in required time as soon as possible. There is an arrow on above the ambulance which will guide you the position of patient and hospital. How to Play: - Multiple controls for ambulance movement - Get the patient and go to hospital in required time - Realistic Tilt and Steering Controls -Use “Arrow Keys” to Control the Ambulance. - Follow the arrow to get patient to hospital


  • 18 different levels
  • Real life situations / challenges before you reach the hospital
  • Realistic controls with acceleration pedal, brake pedal and gear shift
  • Steering wheel for extreme precision driving
  • Easy and addictive game play
  • Challenging real ambulance simulator game, act fast and be on time.