Real Bowling Star

Description Real Bowling Star is one of the best bowling games in the Windows market. The high-quality graphics make players feel like they are at their local bowling alley. This is one of the best free bowling games for Windows when it comes to graphics. This game is very realistic. Galaxy Bowling is the best and most feature packed 3D bowling game. Hours of Bowling fun ahead of you ! Set in a beautiful 3D environment, You will either have the opportunity to train yourself to become a Bowling master or challenge your friends to reach the highest score. Finely tuned physics mean this simulation is easy to play but impossible to master, just like the real thing! Endless entertainment and challenge right at your fingertips. How To Play: - Enter your name - Enter your Friends name - Select Ball of choice For PC: -Click And Hold The Left Mouse Button and move pointer forward then release Left mouse Button -Move Mouse Cursor left and right For swinging ball For Tablet: - Swipe finger to bowl to drop bowling pins - Finger gesture for swinging ball


  • Really great graphics
  • More advanced kind of game
  • Very realistic
  • Very simple, ideal for novices
  • Real Game Scoring

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26 June 2015

No instructions, no way to know when the ball will roll down the lane or how to control its direction, it is aggravating, not worth the time to guess around on, not very intuitive.


7 June 2015

Jenna you ate not cool this game is awsoms Jenna is a looser


19 March 2015

its nice


13 March 2015

Playing this game requires a swiping motion on the screen. When this action is performed the screen becomes very large but only inside the swiped areas. Very strange. Looks like fun but I'll never know. Had good reviews.