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    ## v3.1.2.3 - Bug fixes * Fixed HTTPS issues.

Reddit2Go! for reddit

Reddit2Go! is your go-to reddit app for Windows 8! It's designed to fully take advantage of Windows 8 features to make your redditing experience the best it can be. Browse the front page or any subreddit, log in with your reddit account, vote, comment, submit links, search, and more! Check out the App Features section below for a larger list of what this app can do, and be sure to check out all the screenshots. Optionally, you can go Pro! to show your support for the app. There are no additional features unlocked right now, but I have some ideas for future releases that may be added. The free version, though, is a fully capable client, and there are no advertisements. This app is only the beginning; I have lots of ideas for future updates. I'm also open to feedback - either email me at reddit-to-go@outlook.com, or make a post in www.reddit.com/r/reddit_to_go. Happy redditing!


  • Browse the front page of reddit, or go to specific subreddits
  • Log in with your reddit account to vote, reply, submit stories, view messages, and more
  • Mark subreddits as favorites to provide easy access without subscribing
  • Pin the front page or a specific subreddit to the Start Screen, and see recent stories on the tile
  • Get toasts and lock screen notifications for new messages
  • Use the Search Charm to search for stories or easily go to a specific subreddit
  • Use the Share Charm to share stories, subreddits, or comments
  • Use the Share Charm to submit new stories from content from other apps
  • Switch between light and dark themes
  • Roam most settings between all of your devices
  • Easily switch between multiple reddit accounts from anywhere in the app
  • Use the app in any layout - landscape, portrait, or snapped

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18 June 2016

It's nice, probably because it's the only app. BUT. It lacks finesse. And. Common sense at times. Pictures won't open, instill can't figure out what to do for videos AND I CAN'T CHANGE THE FONT SIZE!


26 March 2016



24 January 2016

I like this app so far. works really nicely for letting me view my frontpage with ease. I like using my computer in tablet mode so it's a real pleasure. Only thing holding it from 5-Stars is that (at least currently) it won't load Imgur images natively and took me a bit to figure out how to up/down vote. Other than that it works well and have already recommended it.


21 January 2016

Worldnews rocks


24 December 2015

Love the docked UI but it won't load any embedded material which makes browsing subs like r/pics not ideal


17 December 2015

One side has the links you open the other side has the wall where you can continue to scroll through, this is how its supposed to be! Fantastic split screen function and adds are subtle I don't notice (coming from guy that cant stand adds) Fantastic app. On side note some links wont be able to open through this app but it's ok honestly...


14 December 2015

This is a great reddit app but the links sometimes don't work


12 December 2015

I like nearly everything about it, especially how it is laid out. I have two problems. 1. Some images cannot be viewed in the app. 2. I cannot view subreddits besides the ones I have favorited in a browser.


28 November 2015

I like the app, but too many pages don't work inside it


27 November 2015

Using Microsoft surface RT 1st generation seems to run it fine. Once in a while it gets slow. Viewing the media and the story at the same time seems a little buggy. But overall the app is great. Maybe buying the app, could support the devs, to better develop the app.

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