Relative Benchmark

OVERVIEW This app will benchmark top of the line PCs and Windows tablets' capabilities of rendering a console quality game. It uses DirectX 12 if available, or DirectX 11 otherwise. FEATURES: DirectX 12 rendering with custom shaders for all the 100+ distinct materials, terrain shader with blend maps, transparency sorting, water with real-time reflection and refraction, Post Processing Effects : High Dynamic Range, Bloom, Depth of Field, real-time Shadow Mapping, GodRays, Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, AntiAliasing, Motion Blur. Navigation mode is now freely available so try it out and see the effects from wherever you want ! SCORES If you would like to, you can post your scores along with your settings and device in the app review section. After one playthrough you will get an average framerate when you touch the screen. Use that for comparisons. From version 2.0 if you do not enable the normal & specular mapping option, accurate comparisons can be made between Android, iOS and Windows 8 platforms as the shaders and techniques have very similar implementations ( the major difference being the underlaying DirectX versus OpenGL APIs ). Feature Set Differences: On devices with Feature Sets Lower than DirectX 10.0 there are less visual effects to turn on/off because of the limited hardware capabilities. You can now compare your scores with desktop and mobile devices on different operating systems. There is a non-consumable in-app purchase that will unlock all the the features, including : - Shadow Mapping - Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - Reflections - Refractions Nowadays, ome of the features in the benchmark have quality levels whenever possible. Here's how they differ : DOF - Low ( 7x7 kernel, ) High (15x15 kernel, effectively 4 times more operations) Shadows - Low (1024x1024 shadow map with a smooth filter of 3x3 ) Med ( 4096x4096 with 5x5 kernel ) High ( 16384x16384 with 7x7 kernel ) SSAO - Low ( 1/4 Res ) High ( 1/2 Res, 4x heavier on processing ) Privacy Policy : This application does not collect, store or send any personal or non-personal information about you, the device or application usage.


  • 11 Graphics features to toggle on/off or change their performance impact in realtime
  • 100K+ polygons in scene
  • 100+ Distinct materials

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26 July 2015

I was looking around Steam Greenlight, saw it was on here, and got it. I can't wait to play.


18 November 2013

It just goes right back to the start menu. I would rate it zero stars if I could. I will update my review when it gets fixed.


15 February 2013

Nice little app for comparing video performance between machines. or before and after an upgrade.


18 January 2013

Tried it on my ASUS TF600T, says I need direct X 9 installed. I was under the assumption that all RT devices have a dX11 card in them.. also does not work on friends surface. Desktop and laptop only bench mark


11 January 2013

This is a simple but useful test to get quick overall measurement of the machine graphics performance. The test gives only overall results (FPS) with few options to tweak, but if you are comparing different machines it should be reasonably representative. Drawback of the test is the difficulty to compare it with other tests - methodology is not clear and I cannot find any published results for this test for various platforms. But again, if you want to compare few machines yourself - it is OK.


7 January 2013

Tried to run on my surface which it claims to support and it wouldn't run. Worked great on the x64 version though.