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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    This release provides several usability enhancements: - A progress ring now gives immediate visual feedback after changing the slide so that you know the command was sent. - The current slide and the next slide are now always visible in the slide list. (Previously, the next slide was not always visible.) This release also fixes a bug where if the app was purchased when a slideshow was not running, the trial version message on the main screen would continue to be shown until a slideshow was started. Lastly, this release adds a feature that allows you to remotely dismiss some popups and messages that may appear in PowerPoint. Previously these things would prevent you from using RemotePresenterView until they were manually dismissed on the remote PC.


RemotePresenterView is an app that lets you remotely control a PowerPoint slideshow running on a desktop/laptop using your Windows 8 or RT tablet. RemotePresenterView works by connecting to a server app on the computer you want to remotely control. To get the server app, and for information about how to configure it visit www.RemotePresenterView.com. About the trial version of RemotePresenterView: The trial version is fully featured and does not expire, but is limited to 10 slides. You can use it with larger slideshows, but only the first 10 slides will be accessible. RemotePresenterView is still a pretty new app. We've tried to test it on as many computers, and in as many network configurations as possible. However, it's inevitable that we probably missed a bug or two, so please let us know if you find any. To report bugs, please use the contact form at www.RemotePresenterView.com. We can respond to messages received there better than we can respond to negative reviews left in the Windows Store. Known issues in the this release: - Rapidly writing a lot of text with the annotation pen can cause it to become temporarily glitchy on slower tablets. - Slower desktops/laptops running RemotePresenterView Server may not render ink annotations as smoothly as we'd like. - RemotePresenterView may not behave properly if you have multiple slideshows open with the same file name. - The app's user interface currently is only available in American English


  • Remote control PowerPoint slideshows from your tablet
  • See your presenter notes
  • See your slide list
  • Draw annotations from your tablet
  • Use a virtual laser pointer (with PowerPoint 2010 or newer)
  • Supports animations and embedded videos
  • Reverse connection mode works through firewalls
  • Direct WiFi mode works when there is no wireless router

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4 February 2014

During my last 4 presentations I have used this and I have found it works very very nice for the typical presentation. I have found that there are some complications when needing to change programs (breaking out of presentation mode and moving to another program for a demonstration), this resets the timer as the program thinks the presentation is over. This threw me off since I was making this presentation as part of a class. Another issue was when I tried to implement an editable text box using developer tools. I wanted to demonstrate how to create strong, memorable passwords. When I practiced I had no issue moving the mouse to the text field, but I wasn't using remotepresenter while I was practicing. During the presentation, when I moved to the host computer to mouse over to the text field, the mouse only appeared intermittently. It kept disappearing, making me guess if I was clicking in the text box and when I missed I moved to the next slide. Looked similar to VNC.


22 August 2013

This is exactly what I've been looking for using in my classroom. Works really well on my Surface RT and allows me to move around the classroom and control the white board. This will be a game changer for myself and my students. Thank you!


10 August 2013

I tried this app at a friend's suggestion, and it actually works, and seems to be very stable. The wizard style interface on the server app and compatibility with locked-down/firewalled PC's really make this app stand out over others I've tried in the past. I do wish the annotation pen was smoother, but the developer says it's a known issue that he's working on. I'm definitely going to buy this once the fall semester starts!