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    Updated store description re support for RISK Strategy Companion, dice roll statistics / AI behaviour and customer services contact information (English)

RISK - The Game of Global Domination

It’s war! Plan your strategies, form your alliances, lead your armies and conquer the world. RISK is the ultimate test of strategy and skill with players battling it out for world domination. Place your troops. Plot your strategy. Then let the quest for global domination begin. The challenge: defeat your foes, advance your troops and expand your territory. Where to attack. When to stop. Whether to form a temporary alliance...the decisions are all yours. This world belongs to the bold and the daring. Can you take it on, and win? Designed from the ground up for multi-user, multi-touch portable All-in-1 and 2-in-1 PC’s with Intel Inside ®, this brand new version of the classic board game brings the battle for global domination to life in new and exciting ways. Featuring a beautifully rendered digital game board, animated dice, cards and armies that captures the intense rivalry and tension of the original board game with digital enhancements that bring it to life. For more information about the game, our Customer Services team are pleased to help on support.play@marmalademail.com


  • Multi-touch support with ‘tap in’ corners. Tactile gameplay from browsing cards, rolling dice and moving armies to launching an assault
  • Multiple game modes for 1-4 players, including new, fast-play modes. House Rules enables customisable game start and win conditions from classic global domination to fast play limited number of rounds
  • Save and resume in-progress games and your preferred rulesets as House Rules
  • Support for iOS and Android 'RISK Strategy Companion' app for enhanced discreet play experience and strategizing between turns
  • Options / Settings enable game to be fully playable in English, French, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese
  • 5 levels of strategic AI component to choose from with differing personality type play styles. All players, human or AI have the same dice luck. Statistics for dice rolls are included to demonstrate f
  • Please note that this game does not support online multiplayer.

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17 November 2015

The games AI is poorly designed, I wish I could give Zero stars. Stay away.


8 September 2015

I installed risk and it will not let me play or purchase game which I think I already did please correct this error


26 July 2015

Terrible. I've played board and computer variations of Risk for over 30 years and this is the WORST variation I have seen / played. It gives the ovr all impression that the programmer just stopped the project in mid-design and sold the half-finished attempt to MS to sell ad space. This version doesn't even come close to offer the original game and game options. It's like the programmer got caught up in the graphics of the battles (which get real old, real fast) and didn't bother to even put the basic options of set up or play into the project. Terrible. I would give this 0 stars, but the review board insist on giving at least 1 star.


3 May 2015

I have read a lot of complaints about the dice... I thought they were fine. Risk has always made me feel like the dice were rigged against me, and I'd say this game felt just like a normal one. I played on the easiest difficulty, and the AI was terrible. I took two continents early and it never attempted to take them back. One thing I did notice, was that through the entire game (and half of another game), the AI never once lost a single attack. They always made safe attacks, but even then sometimes you get unlucky, and that didn't happen a single time. The graphics are about as good as you can get with a board game adaptation like Risk. A little silly to see cannons dancing after a battle is won, but still pretty good.


23 March 2015

The other reviews are right. The graphics and interface are good but the dice are not randomly generated. It would be great for multiplayer with your friends, especially if you have a tabletop PC, large monitor, or an easy to pass tablet. I'd be happy if they updated the dice.


14 March 2015

This app was a complete waste of five bucks. If you appreciate math, logic, and strategy you will not like this game. If you like the AI to decide who will win or lose, you will love this game. Listen to the other reviewers and their scathing comments about the AI. They are all true.


26 January 2015

Do not buy this game. The program cheats in favor of the computer through blatantly unreasonable dice rolls that are in favor of the computer in both attack and defensive actions.


14 January 2015

A update fixed my problem with touch If the AI was better it would get 5 stars


12 January 2015

Seems im not the only one that notices the dice roll isn't random. also, I know the AI's are human and cant strategize like a human but even on the hardest difficulty its like strategy wasn't even thought of in the development. Every single difficulty level just rushes around until they are out of armies. You start doing too good and, if your playing against all 3 AIs, they start all attacking you together. That at least made it slightly more difficult but still not very fun fair game. Ive played other, older versions of computerized RISK that were way better. Anyone who gives this game a 5 star is obviously one of the developers trying to make the game sound fun so you will buy it lol because there is no way they can be honest with themselves and think its a good game. Ya the graphics are good and cool. yay. maybe work less on the graphics and more on the gameplay.


11 January 2015

Great 3d troop animations and dice roll animations. Classic map. They stopped labeling Russia as "Ukraine", a smaller side state of Russia that has never geographically occupied the area shown as Russia on the risk map ... it should only occupy a small area just north of the Baltic sea. The CPU is very challenging for one player modes. They will target areas to ensure a player doesn't maintain control of a continent if they are able ... otherwise seem to take the paths of least resistance in campaigns through regions. Pass and play + tabletop modes make this a fun multiplayer game too, just without the online aspect unfortunately. Overall very cool. This has passed up Manifest Destiny on my go to list to play for now. I hope they make a more advanced one with the same engine (more maps with additional territories, forts, capitals, and generals! like the previous computer Hasbro version (from the mid 90s?).

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