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    The view of the volume and mute when snapped was not displaying properly. I have corrected this issue.

Round Timer +mp3

Round Timer +mp3: This is a round timer that is ideal for boxing, MMA, tabata, or other fitness activities that also plays music. All settings are adjustable. You can adjust the following: Rounds from 1 - 99 Round time all the way up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds Time in between rounds up to 59:59 Interval Alerts in adjustable at 5 second increments Keep the display on while running Turn the 30 second alert on or off Turn the 10 second alert on or off Save settings for the next time you run the App You can also play music while running your round timer. To do so, click the Music button and select the folder which contains your music. This will play mp3 files from the selected folders and subfolders. The music will get quieter when the alerts are played so you can hear them above the music. Normal music functions are available: Play Pause Stop Skip Mute and Volume control The background color of the timer will change to green when the timer is started, it will change to yellow when there are 30 seconds left, and it will turn red during the rest period between rounds. A bell rung 3 times indicates the start of each round and 5 times for the end, when the rest period begins. If turned on, 3 whistle blows indicates that 30 seconds are left and two claps indicate that 10 seconds remain in the round. If an interval alert is configured, it will sound at the configured interval with two beeps.


  • Round Timer with up to 99 rounds each up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds with the same times available in between rounds
  • This round timer also plays music from the folder you select and its sub folders. Alerts are played at the start, end, 30 second mark, and 10 second mark of each round.
  • Interval timer for tabata or similar programs that alerts at the configured time. You can adjust this in 5 second intervals up to 300.

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23 November 2014

As explained use settings charm with Windows 8. Just did a shake weight routine, works well.


2 August 2014

I was attempting to use this for my group fitness classes and it was a HUGE pain to figure out, the settings are buried in 2 different menus(really...) that you can't even find unless you read the other reviews. It also doesn't appear you can save a particular setting or "profile". I have a free round timer on my android phone that took 30 seconds to figure out how to use AND it walked you through how to use it the first time through. I'm not an idiot either, I set up my entire website from setting up the database on the server to re-writing some of the messed up HTML the WP template developer obviously missed. I'm sorry but I assumed the point of the "apps" was for ease of use, if your going to take the time to make something make it the right way. Even if it's free, offer special features or ads free in a paid version... that just seems fair.


11 March 2014

Yes, you can customize the number of rounds, break times, and rest periods. However, doing so isn't immediately clear (you have to go into the settings menu by swiping from the right) and the app does a poor job of informing the user of where to look. Suggested changes 1.) Better gesture integration. My first instinct upon opening the app was to swipe up from the bottom to reveal the settings. Many apps utilize this gesture. When that didn't work, I tapped on the round time itself thinking that might bring up a menu--it didn't. Make it clear where to adjust settings. 2.) The UI itself is uninspired. You had the talent to program the app, I'm sure you have the talent to make it look better than this. I'm sorry if that's blunt but it's accurate.


20 December 2013

If you know how to use Windows 8 in general, then the settings work just fine. You can make all of the adjustments through the settings menu. If you have trouble and need help, email the developer.


19 November 2013

Can't even adjust timer or rounds


20 August 2013

Thank you for the app.. it is really useful for exercising