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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    2017-08-29--- + Style improvements for all themes (minor). + Under-the-hood stuff. 2017-07-18--- + Bug fixes. 2017-02-28--- + Bug fixes. 2017-01-31--- + Win8.1/Phone fixes. 2017-01-05--- + Small style updates 2016-12-29--- + Fix audio in WebM playback scenario + Win8.1/Phone8.1 updated to match Win10 features!! + Bug fixes. 2016-09-27--- + Bug fixes. 2016-09-23--- - Experimental Xbox One support! - New feature: save files with unix timestamps! - Bug fixes and improvements. 2016-09-07--- - Major update! Updated webm decoder, new Yotsuba (blue) theme, longer history tracking, 8ch file fixes, style updates for large screens, feedback hub link, many under-the-hood improvements and bugfixes. 2016-04-06---- - Fix to WebM audio playback! - "Copy link" button gets more context! + Minor bug fixes. 2016-03-18---- + Minor bug fixes and improvements. 2016-03-01---- - New: watched threads are monitored for new updates! - New: live tile! - New: copy links to clipboard! - New: Continuum support for Windows 10 Mobile! + Style updates and bug fixes! 2016-01-04---- - New: Bookmark shows you where new posts begin in a thread. - New: Dramatically faster searching due to a new algorithm! +Many bug fixes, style improvements, and more. 2015-11-05---- - New: Auto-play webms! - New: Theme improvements! +Bug fixes, stability improvements.

Sage Reader

Sage Reader is a free, simple read-only browser for 4chan and 8ch image boards. Sage Reader provides a beautiful and useful interface for reading any content from image boards on all of your Windows devices. Simply plug in your favorite boards and start reading, browsing, and viewing images and videos in an immersive gallery.


  • View, sort, and search threads
  • Filter threads to a single conversation
  • Add your favorite boards
  • Syncs with all your Windows and Windows Phone devices
  • Download an image, or all images in a thread!
  • No advertisements!
  • Watch video files with WebM playback
  • Interface adapts to your screen!
  • Live tile updates with new posts!

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12 November 2015

Photo load times drastically improved. It's perfect.


15 October 2015

just needs AutoPlay/unmute on webms and list view for boards


1 October 2015

Plays webm, decent modern interface


2 July 2015

The only thing stopping me from using this is the lack of webm support


12 April 2015

This is almost perfect, but would benefit greatly from adding WebM support.