Sample DJ

With Sample DJ, you can mix samples live. Select your category and your sample for each button and mix live! Click to play a sound, double click to loop it and right click to stop it. Better with a touch screen.


  • 76 sounds divided in 5 categories
  • Up to 64 sounds simultaneously

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12 September 2014

Ok, so I was hoping to find software to replace the Instant Reply by 360 Systems. This app does what it says it will do, but I want to load my own tracks and audio files to the buttons, not only what they pre-loaded for me... oh well... at least it was free.


22 January 2014

can't use, un sample


22 November 2013

this app could be very cool if the interface was better, no loop, not even able to string together sounds... eh I really want to say its good but i cant. its just missing too many features that it really needs for beat making


23 September 2013

It is unresponsive


19 December 2012

how do you us this?


13 December 2012

Horrible UI. Horrible touch experience. Great idea though, but this was made for laptops.