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    1) Fixed touch point bug that could happen for some screen resolutions 2) Fixed bug where noise would occur when there were no notes playing back


Sampler is a music app that allows sound sample playback. The free version of Sampler includes the following features: - 12 sound pads, with adjustable pitch settings - Two octave keyboard - 30 sound samples - Pitch bend and volume modulation - Multi-touch pads and keys - Wav import - Dual mode, that allows both pads and keys - Three modulation modes; touch, latch, and buttons - Key bindings for use with pc keyboard - Global echo and reverb effects - Global high pass, low pass, bandpass, and notch filters


  • Multitouch drum pads
  • Two octave keyboard

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26 March 2015

This seems to be the only app of its kind at the moment. Responsive keys and pads, simple interface, sample import. I would have been happy to upgrade so I could import more than one sample, but the buttons wouldn't work. Some sample editing features would be great, like trimming, start and end points, reverse playback, sample looping. More FX as well, and if we could get more than one pad bank / keyboard, with the audio of each routed to its own track with individual FX (sidechain compressor would be KEY), this would pretty much be a complete sampler/production tool. Throw in recording and song structuring and I might even ditch the expensive desktop software.


7 March 2015

This is awesome the buttons are lag free (for my tablet) the pitch bend and volume option is cool as well. The interface is simple but looks good and the color option was a great add. The only gripe I have is that there seems no way to rename the custom wave bank buttons. So I have to memorize the buttons. Other than that this is an awesome program for a good price.


19 October 2014

It says free don't give you a price could be bad as** won't let you play it thru your head phones or your stereo got make this fresher then this . it seems like iPad is killing Nokia in the app game . I mean with video games and music you got make this better if not you guys lost in the app game . Also if you do make it better. It has to be able to record and Lupe that's most important real talk . So I will be deleting this app for now ! I Check back in the future :-( so get to WORK ! Chop Chop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


20 November 2013

you need to fix the touch calibration my dude!!! there's also a sound issue as well. as you load up the app there a whispering sound that doesnt seem to go away. please fix this so i can see if i actually want to purchase your product


21 April 2013

I am having fun with this. Like the dual keyboard/pad feature.


1 February 2013

Touch was way off, I was excited to play with this, but it was unuseable.