Samurai Notes

Samurai Notes is an application for managing notes and tasks. Create personal to-do lists and pin them straight to the Windows start screen to keep track what needs to be done. Each tile will include awesome looking samurai silhouette making it easy to notice which tiles are important and are made with Samurai Notes making keeping track of tasks even easier. Use quick add functionality to add small tasks fast or full editor to add more text where required. Change colors of tiles to your liking. Use bright colors on tasks you need to see when you next time open your tablet or PC so you won't miss them. You can also add reminders which will remind you that a task needs to be done. No Internet connection required. Access notes anywhere.


  • Pin tiles with custom text (+ awesome image) to start screen
  • Add reminders, you’ll be notified when time’s up.
  • Customize start screen by adding tiles with different colors
  • Doesn’t require Internet connection
  • Quick Add functionality makes adding notes fast.
  • Samurai Notes is totally free!

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