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SAS Flash Cards

SAS® Flash Cards gives you the ability to increase your knowledge by practicing with flash cards using Windows 8. With SAS® Flash Cards, you can download and play flash card decks in numerous subjects.


  • My Decks – Browse through your collection of downloaded flash card decks.
  • Search – Pinpoint thousands of flash cards for math, science, social studies, English, and foreign languages across the internet, using this safe search feature. Browse by subject, grade, popularity,
  • Deck Ratings – Rate the decks you study and see how others rate decks you are browsing.
  • Practice and Quiz Modes – Easily launch each deck in Practice mode or Quiz mode using the settings available from the Deck Detail view. Quiz results can easily be emailed from the Quiz Results panel.
  • Web-based upload utility – Upload spreadsheets containing content for your flash cards. Visit http://support.sas.com/misc/flashcards/2/#Upload_Deck for more information.

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7 August 2014

How does one create a card deck? Through CourseHero, I have a series of decks created that I use on my IPad, but want to add them to my Surface Pro, but I can't find any App that will allow importing of cards. I also have the cards in MSWord. Is this possible through SAS Flash Card?


26 May 2014

The sight words and other decks for young grade schoolers have tiny text. On slides where the entire screen is dedicated to showing a single word, the word uses around 5% of the screen height. It should use around 25-50. It would help if you could make your own deck with your own font size, but there doesn't appear to be any way to do that.


17 April 2014



25 June 2013

The app does many things you can learn. Unfortunately it is poorly organized.


1 December 2012

all screens continually flash both on my laptop monitor and my external monitor. uninstalling as is unusable.


9 November 2012

I liked it, but I would like the ability to mute the audio effects


6 November 2012

This is a tool for downloading and viewing SAS flash cards, which are created by users using tools provided by SAS, the maker of the famous data analysis package. As far as I can tell, the flash cards are free. But because they are created by users like you and me, not experts, they vary greatly in quality, especially when it comes to accuracy. The app works fine on my Surface RT, except for a bit of animation quirks. The 'correct!' beep is annoying and cannot be turned off.


29 October 2012

I like this because it's easy to concentrate on one thing (as it is with most apps when I make it take up the whole screen) and it's quick and easy to flip through cards that I don't need. One thing I would like to be able to do is easily make my own cards because I'm in college and used the Organic Chemistry I set and the other sets don't seem to have a lot available for upper levels yet.