Save the Snail

Are you ready for a trip to fairy world of small creatures? If so, prepare yourself for a challenge that will test your logical thinking and reactions. Survival of cute little gastropods is at stake and you've been chosen to save them. Your mission is to protect the molluscs by avoiding dangerous traps, covering them with objects or deflecting the rocks which are going to crush their fragile shells. It's only up to you to find a way how to solve dozens of puzzles and tricky situations. Are you clever enough to make it? Find it out yourself while passing through exciting 24 levels. Achieve full 3 star rating in each level to become an ultimate snail savior. Features: *free physics arcade *bunch of witty mumbling snails *perfect boredom killer & travel companion *24 levels *easy controls *merciless time limit *logic puzzles *beautiful hand-drawn graphics *a must for all nature lovers - featuring animals: Ms. Fly and Mr. Bird (not the angry one, seriously) *great fun for kids and the whole family *main antagonists are scorching sunbeams and rolling stones *loads of bonus items to be collected (honestly, you only can gather stars but there's lots of them)


  • 24 levels
  • perfect boredom killer & travel companion
  • easy controls
  • merciless time limit
  • beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • great fun for kids and the whole family

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17 June 2016

I just ..... don't like it


16 February 2015

The game did not keep my progress. I also did not like how it made the challenges come before I pushed the button.

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