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We work with your favorite national brands and retailers to bring you this week’s featured offer. You will know when a new offer is featured just by glancing at the live tile. Simply print out the offer to claim your savings.

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11 September 2014

This app came bundled with my laptop. I tried to use it but it won't work. Doesn't show me any offers and it keeps asking me to login. When I try to login, it won't let me. This app is trash and I'm uninstalling it.


24 July 2014

just bought this computer and some of the apps don't work


13 May 2014

Found awesome deals right on the surface 2 pro


7 March 2014

I only wanted Printable Coupons so I can print out coupons such as Reynolds Foils and to go to Store as suggested when trying to print coupons


13 December 2013

what a waste of time, can't preint offer that pops up & is not the offer shown on tile. I tried several times to click on Crispy Cream offer & pops up update for Savings Center which won't update-just returns you to start screen. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with this review judging from others that encountered same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


20 September 2013

it was ok


19 September 2013

I can not see any use for this as it never updates or finds anything that is near me or that I will ever what. Oh by the way I tried to uninstall it but you can't.


17 August 2013

Very easy to use - like it


6 August 2013

is this a common only.....or spam


28 April 2013

"Unable to Print Offer" appears after clicking "Print" button. Click "Retry" button is useless...

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