Seaplotter with Weather

SeaPlotter is a Marine Chart Plotting app with coverage for all USA coastal waters including Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii and various other US territories and inland waters. You can view very detailed NOAA marine raster charts, insert custom waypoints, create routes with multiple legs. Seaplotter also allows you to select a region and download the chart data for offline viewing. In addition, you can overlay and blend Aerial maps for the whole world on top of the marine charts for better navigation especially near ports and marinas. In this version of SeaPlotter with weather, real-time weather overlays (wind, surface pressure, precipitation radar and cloud predictions) is available for free (as opposed to base version of the app that provides weather access as an in app purchase annually)


  • Displays Coastal Raster Charts for USA
  • Save charts for offline use
  • Real-time weather information (wind, surface pressure, precipitation and cloud predictions)
  • Overlay and blend Aerial maps for the whole world
  • Insert custom waypoints
  • Create routes with multiple legs

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26 February 2015

app no longer works. company website fails. no support available. microsoft won't help. there are no charts to be had. it just loads a bing map. RUN AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.


25 August 2014

Saving charts for offline use takes so long, I'm not sure it actually works. It does not seem to recognize USB GPS devices, so it needs an internet connection for positioning.


17 February 2014

Needs a North side up control and a +- control on the screen.


27 January 2014

I'm planning along trip this summer and so I bought this on a whim (an expensive and risky whim), but I am happy with it so far. I've been able zoom in to impressive levels, and it has all the charts I would want. Still, there are some kinks. - The first time I tried to make a route the program shut down. I guess I didn't do something in the right order because it did it two more times, but then when I went in and did it in a different order it seemed to work fine. I have my route now. - It would be really nice if it would give me the ability to see the distance of the total route and of each leg. Please add this in the next iteration. - The weather overlay is pretty good, but currents would be a nice addition. - Finally, there were times that the chart overlays, which were great for the most part, would get in the way of the location that I was trying to see. Once it knew what I was trying to look at it automatically brought it to the top, but a way to cue this up would be good.


24 January 2014

I like this app because most relevant chart is displayed as I zoom in and out. Charts are beautiful raster charts, ones I normally use in paper. Weather overlay is awesome, especially cloud and wind coverage. I can plan my trips better. It's also fun to see how the weather moves around my area as well as rest of the world. Haven't used the waypoints or other navigational features but so far this was exactly what I was looking for.