Simple Project

Simple Project provides an easy way to create and manage projects and related tasks. Easily see the status of multiple projects and tasks allowing you to better organize and manager your time.


  • Create multiple projects, each of which can contain multiple tasks
  • Each task has 3 different date fields
  • Easily see the status and priority of projects and tasks

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16 December 2013

give it to me


7 December 2013

Single disjointed tasks are a waist of effort ...


8 September 2013

This app is just too simple and doesn't allow you to see all of your task status at one time. The format is not conducive for really tracking where you are unless there are only 3 or 4 tasks and who needs software to keep up-to-date on that. Also there is doesn't seem to be a print function which further limits its usefulness. I'm uninstalling it.


30 June 2013

This is one of the only project management apps I've found that lets me track multiple projects and tasks. Never had a problem opening it or using it. Needs printing capability, otherwise this one is a winner for me.


25 June 2013

wont open