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Simply Yoga

Your own personal yoga instructor wherever you are! Simply Yoga is your own personal instructor. The app contains three free predefined yoga routines that step you through each pose. Each pose is demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, so simply choose your workout length and follow along in the comfort of your own home! Unlocking the additional content provides you with three additional predefined routines. It also allows you to create your own custom routines from the available poses. >>> Featured in WIRED magazine!!!


  • Level one 20, 40 and 60 minute workouts
  • Level two 20, 40 and 60 minute workouts with purchase
  • Video demonstrates how to get into each pose
  • Audio instructions for entire routine
  • 38 free poses
  • 60+ poses with purchase
  • Create custom routines with purchase

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27 August 2016

first day and it seemed very easy for a newbie I feel that I can stick with this and get a lot from it. I have to start somewhere and this looks like the right place.


17 June 2016

slowly, but surely


17 May 2016

Just starting out so this a good app.


4 May 2016

this was a great exercise and relaxing workout


28 February 2016

great stretch and relax


7 December 2015

I have been doing yoga on my own with online videos and DVD's for years, but I find this app to be the most helpful! I love the step by step and the pose coaching on how to make little adjustments to make sure you are holding the pose correctly! Thank you!


8 November 2015

Simple to the point of limited utility. May be fine for someone with some yoga experience and only wanting occasional practice, but not very helpful for someone wanting to deepen their practice. Pros: allows you to choose from three session lengths up to an hour, and includes the written Sanskrit name for each pose. Cons: only 3 beginner level ("level 1") sessions are available in the free version, with "level 2" and custom sessions being locked until you buy the full program; the sound quality is low, as it sounds like they're near the beach but it's grainy, and there's no option to turn that sound off; and the sessions are not planned with a particularly natural flow, e.g. the 60-minute session is filled in with SIX sun cycles rather than one at the beginning and a greater variety of other poses throughout, and the poses don't flow into each other. I haven't found a good yoga app for Windows 8, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, Yoga Studio by Gaiam is excellent.


10 October 2015

I purchased this app about 6 months ago and am pleased with the poses and instructions on executing them. But since the first time I used the app, it locks me out of the 'custom' routine I did on the prior workout, so each time I have to attempt to 'buy' it, and then at the last step hit 'cancel' to be allowed to set up a new custom routine. My complaint is it will never save my workout (i.e., each time I have to set it up) as well as not letting me access the purchased routines, even though it shows I have purchased them. Other than that I like the app, but for these reasons I would not recommend it to anyone.


23 August 2015

1st time doing yoga after spine surgery.


17 August 2015

Love this app. On vacation and able maintain my yoga routine. Thank you Simply Yoga

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