SiriusXM Player for Windows

UNOFFICIAL SiriusXM Player for Windows. This application will allow you to start SiriusXM player in your default browser. It will also show you latest SiriusXM tweets.

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3 January 2015

Not a true app. Just works like a shortcut to the website.


9 November 2014

You don't call your app "SiriusXM Player for Windows" If all it does is open up Internet Explorer. That is NOT a player. DO NOT BUY. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY>


28 October 2014

I downloaded this quick and didn't pay attention to the reviews. Total scam. You don't need this app. It does nothing but show a twitter feed. I can't believe they even have this as an app.


22 October 2014



10 September 2014

This is a crappy App. Don't waste your money. All it does is open in a browser window. Don't waste your money.


22 July 2014

I thought it was a app to link in to site. IT IS NOT. Go to Sirius website and download from there. I wasn't my money on nothing. I hope this whole store isn't like this one app.


23 May 2014

I paid a dollar for the privilege of loading this app, and it does nothing. When I run it, and click to login, all it does is open a browser window and do everything through that browser window. I could open a browser window myself and go to the SiriusXM site for less than a dollar. The entire app is nothing more than an icon to put you to the site on the web. Totally pointless.


28 April 2014

Stupid. Don't waste your time.


27 April 2014

All this 2 two dollar app does is add an app to your desktop and link you to siriusXM's website, which is FREE. I cant believe I actually paid for this garbage. DO NOT BUY !!!!


23 April 2014

Thanks for the update.

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