Every Artist Has a Story to tell, and a Medum to Communicate. So, if I'm gonna sketch, I obviosuly need someting to sketch with and sketch on. This can be defined by any tool that makes some sort of definitive mark, and the corresponding surface on which those marks can be made. Sketch2ink lets u learn the techniques of sktching and drawing any thing you want to draw.


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23 March 2015

The app loads fast, but crashed upon trying to open 2 different lessons on my Surface 2


22 March 2015

Seems like an excellent way to help my grandson learn basic anatomy drawing for his tattoo work. This is the best thing I've seen since the learn to sketch books I used fifty years ago.. Nice job, Sketch2Ink!


5 August 2014

A waste of money Google how to draw theres just not any detailed info here


9 February 2014

Will not work on my Dell Pro 8 tablet


12 August 2013

In general, the app is great. I use it whenever I need a reference for facial patterns, for instance. The big downside of this app is its usability-- it takes several seconds to start up and does not save state when Windows terminates it. So if I background Sketch2Ink for a moment (such as to use a drawing app...), then go back to S2I, S2I must restart, and I must navigate back to the note I was just looking at. Otherwise, it would be 5 stars.


9 August 2013

After 23 years of stick-figures and a demeanor of "I can't draw" , I finally made a first time sketch with your app as a guide, and found my hidden talent.


23 January 2013

Just went through the entire app. I like it a lot! Going to keep it, use it, and enjoy it!


7 January 2013

This is actually not an app at all, since it doesn't do anything and is not at all interactive. Truth is, I could have gotten this same information and experience via a simple Google search, so why bother? Potential users should also be aware that it contains profanity, including F-bombs, from the very first page. Extremely disappointing, I will be uninstalling.


27 October 2012

I really loved this. I am trying to become an artist, working on illustrations and sketching. This App is fantastic. The illustrations are great and the instructions are great. Dropped to 4 stars instead of 5 for the random use of profanity. I know, art, profanity, etc. But I'd like to be able to share the App with my young niece and nephew, but don't want them dropping the F-bomb when relating the experience to their mother.


11 October 2012

learn how to be a good drawer, from the beginner. there's no excuse for not learning this steps, especially when we had no basic talent.

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