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    v4.0.2.0 Fix for scrolling Surveys and Events v4.0.1.0 Added DeviceId Fix v4.0.0.0 Added Photo Editor v3.1.0.0 Added Photo Gallery with Photo Printing v3.0.3.0 Fixed bug with video overlays v3.0.2.0 Fixed bug with audio and photo v3.0.1.0 Added audio to video v3.0.0.0 Added Facebook and Twitter Authorization v. Added stats, online email validation, event selection confirmation v2.5.1 Added Zip Code look up files, phone number masking, dynamic file loading v2.5 Added Kiosk mode, resync ability, and overlays for events v2.4.3 Added bug fix for event's backward compatibility with older programs using a relay v2.4.2 Added more error messaging v2.4.1 Fixed "cyclic" reference effecting visuals v2.4.0 Added bug fix for relaying

SMART Activator

The SMART Activator is an experiential marketing tool for engaging consumer at events, promotions, and sponsorship activation. Agencies and Brands use the SMART Activator to, among other things, collect consumer information, ask survey questions, capture photos / videos, etc. SMART Activator is a business application for marketing businesses and brands. It is not for the general consumer. The application will not work without the required Registration Code. You must be a MoZeus customer to receive the required Registration Code that will activate the SMART Activator application. Each Registration Code represents a unique experience in terms of the application’s capabilities and data collection. For more information on how to obtain a Registration Code and use the SMART Activator at your next event, please contact one of our Mobile Partnership Consultants at: info@mozeus.com sales@mozeus.com Or, you can call us at: 1-888-966-9387 You can also contact us through our website at: http://www.mozeus.com/contact-mozeus-worldwide.html All data collected by the SMART Activator can only be accessed by MoZeus customers and employees. For more information please contact sales@mozeus.com. Our privacy policy can be located at: http://www.mozeus.com/appPrivacy.html


  • Engage consumers
  • Capture data

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