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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    7/28/2014 - Update 11 - Improved transition when viewing images. 7/27/2014 - Update 10 - Improved application start time. - Vastly improved date display on galleries. 7/1/2014 - Update 9 - Improved search experience. Find all albums with search terms in the name or description. 4/17/2014 - Update 8 - Better gesture handling when manipulating images in fullscreen mode. 3/16/2014 - Update 7 - Resolves a couple issues with SmugMug authentication. 2/24/2014 - Update 6 - You can now FULLY AUTHENTICATE with SmugMug. - View, pin, and share *private* galleries. 1/7/2014 - Update 5 - Galleries will now use the "Featured Image" if one is set. - Scroll position will be remembered when going back to galleries, sub categories, or all items. 12/29/2013 - Update 4 - Video playback is now supported! It pulls the largest public size available for your screen. - Improved panning, zooming, and gesture support. Now you can swipe left and right to change the current image. - The back button no longer sits on top of your images. Pull down the top app bar to go back to a gallery. - Cleaned up most of the pages to make them behave better at all sizes. - Settings are handled better and actually roam now.


Smug8 enables you to view your SmugMug categories, sub-categories, galleries, photos, and videos on Windows 8 devices in a clean, easy-to-use interface. NEW: Full authentication support! Questions, comment, support, help: Contact smug8@kerjo.com or @smug8app on Twitter


  • Full SmugMug authentication: view your private galleries, photos, and videos!
  • Groups and sort galleries
  • View your public and private SmugMug galleries, photos, and videos
  • Featured images are used for galleries when set on SmugMug
  • Search for galleries, Share your account, galleries, and images
  • Set your lockscreen image and app tile image
  • Pin galleries to your Start screen
  • Pinch and zoom your photos

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22 July 2014

This app will allow you to view your SmugMug photos and that's about it. The design is clunky and there's no animation when swiping to the next photo etc.


18 March 2014

I really like this for viewing my SmugMug photos. I would like it even more if I could upload photos and videos to my account from the app. The developer is extremely responsive, open to feedback, and fixes bugs quickly. Thanks for a great app.


20 January 2014

Ive tried it on 3 pc's with intermittent issues.


22 October 2013

Wished this app synced the photos to my laptop/device. It doesn't appear to. Other Android apps do it nicely.


27 August 2013

Avid Mac user decided to try a PC, what's wrong with me? Really liking Windows 8 after a few days. This app helps me like it even more.


19 May 2013

I love this app. I love lamp.


3 April 2013

The App works great after linking with a Smugmug account. A couple of wishes though. Please use normal Win8 navigation for moving to the next picture use swipe gestures instead of the arrow buttons. Would love to see video support integrated instead of showing a still shot of the video files.


13 January 2013

It asks me for my site-wide password and displays the list of pictures but all the pictures appear "dead" (i.e. showing the "x" icon instead of the actual picture).


9 January 2013

Integrates with the system file picker!


6 January 2013

would like to see live tiles, maintaining the gallery default pictures

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