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    15 Release 15: New version 3.0. Support Windows 10. 14. Release 14: New screenshot images. 13. Release 13: Bug fixed. Remove unsafe code. 12. Release 12: Rewrite description. Rename Chapter/Stream as Season/Episode. New logo. 11. Eleventh Release: Bug fixed on initial loop selection. 10. Tenth Release: Add Loop options for none, self, horizontal, vertical loops. 9. Ninth Release: Bug fixed release. Remove crash bug of playback on non-existed media file. 8. Eighth Release: Add Media Center Remote Control Support for Windows 8.1. Directional Buttons for Playback of Prev/Next Chapter/Stream. Play/Pause and Stop Buttons for Video Control. Volume/Mute Buttons for Audio Control. 7. Seventh Release: Enable multiple media file Pickup in Add Chapter/Stream function.

Snaml Theatre

Snaml Theatre is a touch media center software to watch movies, listen music, and view photos on your ultrabook, tablet, and IoT devices with great user experience. Designed by cross carousel-style media navigator, media in Snaml Theatre is organized in 2-dimensional data model with 3D perspective view and resumable media player. Simply swiping left or right you can quickly preview a list of Episodes in a title. Beyond regular one dimensional structure, you can swipe up or down to preview Seasons smoothly. Moreover you can always press down one of arrow key to scan videos like a fast forward slideshow. Furthermore, each media is smart to remember the last position of playback, so it is possible for you to watch multiple video titles in resumable. • An Episode is a local or remote media which may be a video clip, a music, or a picture. • A Season is a group of Episodes linked in a ring. • A Title is a stack of Seasons linked in a circle. • A Library is a collection of Titles. • A Cross Carousel is the view point with a center view around by four sub-views. Snaml Theatre allows you to Add and Exchange an Episode in any one of four neighbors. In left or right, you can add an Episode in previous or next of current Episode. The added Episode then will be in the current view. In up or down, the added Episode creates a new Season with only one Episode. Delete is to remove current Episode from current Season. Exchange is to swap the relative position of an Episode or a Season. Video can be watched in full-screen, filled/snapped, and normal mode. Two finger pitch toggles between normal and full-screen mode. You can use touch, mouse, and keyboard to control media playback. PlayTo is the function to stream video from table to TV screen with an adaptor like XBOX. Finally multiple sources of Episode are recognized in • local file system • cloud storage like OneDrive • network storage like NAS Key Features 1. Snaml Engine • Organize Title as Seasons and Episodes on Snaml Doughnut model • Instant Swipe and Play in 4-Way Navigation • Keyboard Support for Non-Touchscreen • Resumable Episode Playback over Media Surface • Auto and Loop Playback Videos in Self, Season, All and Random 2. Perspective UI • New Color Scheme with Blue and Dark Color Tone • Multiple View Windows with AppBar for Easy Media Playback • View on Normal, Fullscreen, and Filled/Snapped Mode • Two Finger Pitch Switch between Normal and Fullscreen Display • Support Various Screen Resolutions and Size • Work with Touch, Mouse, Keyboard, and Remote Control 3. Title Organization • Open and Save Snaml Title in File Storage • Add Multiple Media Files, or Delete, Exchange Season/Episode in a Snaml Title • Add a Picture in cloud OneDrive by Tap Files in OpenFilePicker • Reset to Launch from Original Snaml Title 4. Remote Play Media • Episode PlayTo Media on Another Device over Network • Episode Play Duplicate onto Second Screen via HDMI Cable • Native Windows 8 Modern UI Application Use Case: Mobile Home Theatre Running on Windows 8 Ultrabook or Tablet, Snaml Theatre can deliver Mobile Home Theatre experience through a network connected to a Receiver, a NAS and linked to a LCD Screen, a Projector, and Surround Sound Speakers. i.e. you may organize game videos and learn experience anytime by resumable playback of Snaml Theatre. Usage This is a Trial and Buy software. Users can run Snaml Theatre in Trial for 30 days under Full version. After 30 days, user can still run under the Lite version, in which some functions are disabled such as open/save/reset Snaml Title and Fullscreen toggle. User can buy Snaml Theatre at anytime and upgrade to a Full version that all functions will be enabled and extra messages will be removed. Snaml Theatre has one central view surrounded by four 3D perspective views. Left view shows Episode Previous; Right view shows Episode Next; Up view shows Season Previous; Down view shows Season Next. AppBar top displays the title name and status information. AppBar bottom includes Title, Add, Delete, Exchange, and Navigate buttons for operations as well as Play and Fullscreen buttons for control. You can swipe left, right, up, and down to bring Episode (Next/Previous) and Season (Next/Previous) to current view. You can also apply two finger zoom to Fullscreen and pitch to return. By tapping on the central view window, you can toggle current video playback between play and pause. When you click Loop button, you can select one of a loop type in none, self, horizontal, vertical, all, and random. Snaml Theatre allows you to add new media on the previous or next current Episode. It can also allows you to add a new Season in previous or next current Season. To do this click Add button and select a media from FileOpenPicker dialog. You can also remove current item by clicking Delete button. Snaml Theatre allows you to exchange the position between current item and Episode previous/next or exchange position between current item and Season previous/next. Snaml Theatre now allows you to play with keyboard and remote control. The four arrow keys are for directional navigation. Space key or play button is for media play and pause. ESC key is to toggle Fullscreen. Right click mouse and press context menu key or press Win+Z key will toggle show AppBar.


  • Organize Title in Episodes and Seasons on Snaml model
  • Swipe then Play in Left/Right and Up/Down
  • Resume Episode Playback over Media Surface
  • Multiple View Windows with AppBar for Easy Media Playback
  • View on Normal, Fullscreen, and Filled/Snapped Window
  • Two Finger Pitch Switch between Normal and Fullscreen Display
  • Support Various Screen Resolutions and Size
  • Work with Touch, Mouse, Keyboard, and Gesture Inputs
  • Open, Save and Share Snaml Title in File Storage
  • Open and Display Pictures in OneDrive in your OneDrive Account
  • Reset to Launch the Original Snaml Title File
  • Stream PlayTo Media on Another Device over Network
  • Stream Play Mirror on Second Screen via HDMI Cable
  • Native Windows 8 Modern UI Application
  • Asynchronious C++ Programming for fast Response Time
  • Keyboard Playback Support by Arrow, Space, and ESC Keys
  • Remote Control Support for Windows 8.1 (MCE)
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Support on Capable Hardware.
  • Support Windows 8.1 Recording Sound File
  • Loop Options for Auto Playback in End from Start or Next Video in Chapter .etc

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13 September 2013

Little bit hard to understand at first, feel comfortable to use later.


22 December 2012

I tried this out hoping for a decent "Media Center" like experience. Alas, no. The UI is confusing and doesn't really lend itself well to desktop use.