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  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    [07.12.2015] + Fix frequent crashes at resuming the app after minimized. It is better to have XBOX gamepads. + add XBOX shortcuts when playing games. + RightThumb + LeftThumb to activate game manager. + RightThumb + LB to do quick save. + RightThumb + RB to do quick load. + RightThumb + BACK to reset game. + RightThumb + START to power OFF/ON game. + A to confirm a dialog message. + B to cancel a dialog message. + add XBOX shortcuts for game manager + LeftThumb or D pad to navigate the game list. + A button to select a game or open a folder. + B button or RightThumb to go BACK + X button to get out of a folder. + LB or RB to switch among sections. + FIX cursor not hide automatically after power OFF then power ON. Version 2.2 Managing games becomes easy. [04.27.2015] + Display recent 30 games. + Allow set a "Home" directory where all games are stored. + Under home directory, selected folder and game is remembered. + All UI are keyboard friendly. Navigate through interface with keyboard shortcuts, see tooltips. Read more release notes here: http://sites.google.com/site/snestalgiawin8/release-notes


Snestalgia is an evolving Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator optimized for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone. To play your favorite old school game, additional game cartridge files (ROM) are required, which can be with .smc, .sfc, .bin or .zip file extensions. Check "Snestalgia Plus" and "Snestalgia Mini" if you are interested either on Windows or Windows Phone ONLY.


  • Play Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Famicom games
  • Support two XBox 360 Controllers, configurable keyboard and on-screen game pads
  • Support two generic USB gamepads and Bluetooth gamepads
  • Various file formats including ZIP support
  • Automatically manages save RAM for games, support save and load game states
  • Live tile display of current playing game
  • High quality video processing filters to make games shine on HDTV

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20 May 2015

Best emulator ever


10 May 2015

Great emulator, everything works flawlessly on my Dell Venue 8 Pro!


8 April 2015

The emulator works great and I like the constant development. Keep it up!


22 June 2014

I tried one place to get roms and it installed malware everywhere.


11 May 2014

Great, but for some reason uses its own extension for save states instead of the same standard formats everything else does. Also, for some reason the aspect ratio is wrong on certain screens. I have it set to 'center' but in the menus for Secret of Mana, it still stretches to the whole screen.


22 April 2014

Force close the app and launch it again. To force close an app. Kill it from task manager, or drag the top to bottom, any hold it while the tile at the bottom until it flips.?


21 April 2014

The directional pad gets stuck!!!! It wasn't like this at the beginning. 😢 someone help!!!!!!


3 April 2014

second player custom keys do not work


31 March 2014

But whenever I go to set my own custom presets, no matter what I set the L and R buttons for, they don't work. They do work, however, with the default presets, but I'd feel more comfortable with my own custom presets. Pleaase fix, and these 5 stars will be yours :D


7 March 2014

i downloaded a couple roms and when i hit browse the emulator app cant seem to find it. help please, i wanna playyyy! lol

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