Sniper Desert Action

*** Attack AT ENEMY BASE CAMP In The Middle Of Sahara Desert*** At a hot and arid desert, in a singing atmosphere with wind and sand grains blowing, Are you ready to Infiltrate at enemy base camp! Prepare for a Daring ultimatum with full of Cartel and horror. Take your carriage, Load armament, Align your handgun and assault at rivals. An amazing game play is available at Play store now, Try this completely 3D everlasting and non-stop war task and leave your kind and honored suggestions and reviews. *** YOU ARE Head OF Regiment *** You are about to enter a gigantic enemy frontier line on a flat plain, where only right strategy and mind plan will save you. You are Legend of your troop... Yeah sure! You have to lead your battalion to definitely successive end at this dusty and sandy land. Prove yourself Daring tribune for your armed force and defeat the enemy. ****MULTIPLE MISSIONS**** You are appoint with different missions at each stage to destroy enemies objectives and to prevent enemy occupy strategic positions in the area. So knack your strategy according to each mission. And get ready to enjoy this trajectory physics simulation. ***STORYLINE*** A big daring mission is in front of you.Bombard at Enemy Command post with your deadly sniper rifle. Enjoy awesome fully 3D sniper Desert action. A powerful furious Rifle with unlimited armament is provided to you. Retain with Radar navigation to find and locate enemies on this barren land. Shield your health and live long to fall of the rivals. Game has three stunning waves to enroot the enemy garrison. Align gun scope and shoot confidently. History of the most popular sniper game "Sniper Desert Action" has landed google play platform,which has exquisite game screen,tough operation,full of passion,let you can't stop shooting you will become one of the worlds best snipist.You need a cool head anamoly analysis and fast,aggressive,accurate shooting.Quickly pick up the weapon in your hand,make your blood not let the terrible criminals out of your sight,do not hesitate to experience the excitement of the game and passionate sniper thrill it. How to play: - play via PC 1- use left mouse button to shoot 2- use right mouse button for aiming with sniper 3- use mouse cursor for aiming the target - play via touch device 1- Use swipe controls to aim. 2- Use fire button to hit the enemies 3- Use the telescope to aim the enemy at far distances 4- Use fire button to fire bomb or gun


  • Beautiful 3D graphics of desert terrain
  • The natural sounds of fire and game music
  • Best rifle and sniper gun for accurate shooting
  • Superb desert mountain with amazing action pack animation
  • Realistic simulation with very engaging background music to enhance your gameplay
  • Realistic visual effects and the world's best battle music
  • Different Levels with new Mission and new HD environments
  • Tank Rocket weapon fire & Guided Drone Missile attack
  • Military themed quality Army User Interface (UI)