Social App Suite

Social App Suite brings all popular social networking websites at a single place. You can use the following services with this app: - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Yahoo - Google Plus - Pinterest Disclaimer: Social App Suite 'This app' nor the app developer is affiliated, associated or officially connected with the service providers listed in this app. Any logos, trademarks and other intellectual property used remain the trademark of their respective owners.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • GooglePlus
  • LinkedIn
  • Yahoo
  • Pinterest

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4 August 2015

I can't even get back to the home screen after adding one account. Plus if I wanted a web interface to access my social networks, I can simply open a browser.


23 May 2015

Navigation,still does not work very well,Ita all over the place,does"t run smooth at all.


17 April 2015

I love having all these in one app for convenience sake. However, it does not execute well in many areas. For example, clicking on virtually any pin in pinterest leads to a "404" error saying the site could not be found. However, if I click on the same pin directly in the pinterest website, it takes me to the link just fine. Also, it tends to get painfully slow, especially in facebook - type what you want and wait a minute or more for the words to show up. It doesn't happen every time, but happens often enough to make the app unpleasant to use. Fix these issues and we're good to go.


14 February 2015

This is a great app but it freeze up and is very slow ......and now it's getting to me so i'm gonna remove it


10 February 2015



31 January 2015

please fix


10 January 2015

I have this app and I like it. There a couple of problems with it. First it's a bit slow and tends to freeze at times. Second it should also have a few more other top social networks added with the ones already on there.


28 December 2014

easiest sign in,runs smooth,love its clean large look.please keep up the good work.


27 December 2014

From what I can tell this app is pretty good the only problem is that it is a tad slow when going back to the main page.


22 November 2014

Facebook sign in for pinterest works. I've gone through several apps before finding one that actually did.