Flashcards are a great study tool, but the biggest pain is actually sitting down and making the cards. This is where SocialStudy comes in! We believe that if we work together, we can spend less time making flashcards and more time learning. SocialStudy also helps aggregate various sources of educational material together for you so you can read an article and make flashcards as you go, or watch a video and insert video clips into your flashcards so you can remember important points. Here's how it works! SocialStudy keeps a set of community flashcards that everyone can view, so you don't have to waste time making your own flashcards when your big test is coming up. These flashcards were created by other users who chose to add their flashcards to the community set. If you choose to, you can also contribute your flashcards, so that the next person who comes along has an even better set of flashcards from which to study. SocialStudy is designed to be easy to use, to be reliable, and to get out of your way and let you study!


  • Create, edit, and delete flashcards.
  • Watch educational videos on YouTube and make video flashcards.
  • Read artcles from Wikipedia.
  • Import flashcard sets from
  • Organize your flashcards into piles, so it's easy to keep track of what you know and what you don't.
  • Color code your selected categories.
  • Print flashcards so you have them when you're away from your computer.
  • Receive new flashcards and categories as they are added by others.
  • Zoom in on images.
  • Access all your data while offline.

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4 May 2015

Its very convenient. Like it better than writing note cards. Just a different way of studying.


25 April 2015

I use this wonderful program to ace most of my dental classes. I allow my classmates to contribute and add to the flash cards. Its an awesome app. Need to create a apple app so mac users can use effectively as well.


20 April 2015

I love social study it gives me a chance to make flash cards and share them with friends.


11 April 2015

Having a great deal of experience in creating Windows Store apps, it is unusual to find one that is so well designed and useful. If you are studying for an exam, this is an excellent tool to use.


3 April 2015

I am a college student in an area of science. LOTS of information covered every day that need to be memorized. This is my favorite study tool. So easy and effortless, I can bring my tablet or phone with me waiting between classes and study like a champ. I like that I can make specific decks and then swipe them into a different one.


9 March 2015

This is so irritating!!! I wrote over 50 notecards for my exam and this stupid app only let me see 6 of the same notecard, I tried to find my old ones but all there was, was multiple copies of the same 6 cards...I am so angry!!!:(:(


1 March 2015

Would like a bigger font other wise its great way to study..


5 February 2015

very useful


4 February 2015

It would be better if it included games to play like has.


29 January 2015

I really like this app. It's pretty great for studying. But, I do dislike that you cannot shuffle cards.

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