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    This release contains new features that can be added from within the application: • Annotate Mark your document by highlighting, underlining, and strikethrough. Add Shapes, use the Pen tool, and add Text to your document. • Convert Our Convert feature will allow you to convert your PDF documents into Microsoft Word format, allowing you to edit all aspects of the document.

Soda PDF 3D Reader

Take your PDF experience to the next level and view your PDF documents in a whole new way. Soda PDF 3D Reader is the only PDF reader equipped with a 3D View mode. Use this patent-pending technology to flip through the pages of a PDF document just like you would with a real paper book with no need to transform the file into another format. If you don’t want to use 3D view, no problem – there are several other viewing modes to choose from like: single, continuous, facing and facing continuous. You decide how you want to read your documents!


  • View any PDF document in 3D view without converting the file
  • Open, read, save and print catalogues, books, magazines and more in PDF format
  • Find Text, View Search results and View Bookmarks functions

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22 April 2016

We'll see how this app works out.


22 October 2015



6 April 2015

This is my favorite reader for studying with eTextbooks because it maintains the original .PDF bookmarks for the Table of Contents to skip straight to your page (if the file was already setup to have it), and this reader also keeps a list of your own notes and jumps straight to the pages for your own personal bookmarks too. It has been frustrating to find a program that lists exactly where your notes are AND keeps the default bookmarks both separately listed. This is a great studying tool and has great animation for reading too.


10 February 2015

Soda has everything I want in a PDF reader - except speed. Excellent home screen, tons of features, all laid out logically. You can do anything you need quickly and easily. But Soda can't smoothly read larger PDFs like textbooks, which is what I need. I can't even scroll down half a page without stuttering and loading delays, sometimes taking 4 to 5 seconds. The same files are perfectly smooth in other readers on the same device. However, I like this app so much, I'm still gonna try to use it, but I'm just not sure if I can really deal with it long term.


22 January 2015

Paid $4.99 or whatever it was to activate the feature to convert PDF to Doc (Word). Tried two different PDF files and it gave a message to the effect of "Error in converting, please try later". No readily seen way to contact the seller that I found. This is really pi#*$#E( ME OFF.


14 January 2015

I love it, it is my favorite PDF reader in the windows store, has different viewing styles than the others, and was the only one that could open some file types! Thanks!


4 January 2015

good apps thk for sponsor


16 November 2014

I really liked this app, the whole of it was quite smooth. The only reason it did not receive a full 5 stars is due to it's inability to snap. One would need to designate this app alone to over half the screen, which is highly inconvenient.


31 October 2014

Was looking for a faster PDF viewer for magazines. This was not it.


30 October 2014

It fails to load and crashes with one of my pdf files, I don't know why, maybe because its size. For other files, it sometimes scales up/down on the zoom automatically and also scrolls randomly.

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