Solar System Simulation

The Solar System Simulation was developed as part of a 2D Graphics Coursework at The University of Hull in the North of England. Use it to explore the affects of gravity on land masses in space!


  • Awesome Gravity Simulation
  • Crazy view modes
  • Actual Images of the planets
  • Share an image of your solar system

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17 November 2014

It would be nice to see a panning option, and some presets as far as zooming and images representing the planets go. What needs to happen for me is the option to remove the words 'solar system simulation'. I would imagine that it would be obvious by the fact of it being a solar system simulation what it is called.


14 March 2013

would be much nicer if, this app can position the current places of planets. and with moon on every planets and can drag the solar system cuz I cant see some of the planets when zoomed. and adding stars would be much nicer true to life simulation that would be, btw tnks...! love it


8 February 2013

Helped me teach solar system concepts to my 5yr old


26 December 2012 would be nice to have an option to name the planets, and an additional moon / earth simulation. Why the moon circles around the earth only 3 times per year? Great at first glance.