Solid Edge Mobile Viewer

The Solid Edge Mobile Viewer allows you to interactively view Solid Edge 3D Models and Drawings. This free application lets you view and share designs anywhere at any time on your Microsoft Surface device. The Solid Edge Mobile Viewer provides viewing tools that allows you to rotate, pan, and zoom using touch or mouse interactions. You can save images and share them through the Windows 8.1 interface to provide an efficient collaborative process among your team, your customers and suppliers.


  • Flip through multiple drawing sheets right on your mobile screen.
  • Access and view your most recently used files quickly.
  • Includes settings to alter display colors and elements to improve visibility
  • Show and Hide model elements to isolate areas of interest.
  • Sample files included to start viewing right away.
  • New Ghost Mode allows hidden elements to be displayed.
  • Display models over real time camera backgrounds.