Solitaire 3D

Enjoy over 80 different solitaire games (including all your favorites: Spider, Pyramid, Klondike etc.), multiple card decks (including the unique 4 color card deck), a wide range of backgrounds, online high scores, statistics, sound effects, 3D animation effects, and much more. Includes both desktop and tablet modes to fully support your Windows 8 PC or tablet, including the Surface RT. With Solitaire 3D you can also create your own card decks, put faces on the court cards if you wish, and even print them out to create a real-life card deck! Compete with players across the world with online high scores for each game! Solitaire 3D also comes with an in-built multi-user system, so that more than one person can customize, play and resume games without affecting other players. With emphasis on ease-of-play and smooth beautiful graphics, Solitaire 3D is the perfect solitaire partner for all. Look no further for your all-in-one high quality solitaire solution for your Windows PC or Tablet.


  • 80+ Solitaire Games in one App
  • Complete support for Desktops and Tablets
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Online world scores
  • Much much more...

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2 July 2015

Lots of great games with good graphics and local high scores and statistics as well as online leaderboard. The problem? It wiped out my local statistics and I lost all my high scores stored locally.


25 May 2015

It's a good app and easy to use. My only complaint is that on rare occasions it freezes then I have to reboot.


4 February 2015

everything is just set up ideally


13 November 2014

Have it on my laptop and my phone. Great for passing the time when I'm waiting around on the kids to finish their activities.


22 September 2014

This is an excellent game and the better of all the games that I tested before downloading. The one thing that prevents this from being the top rated game is the programming of the jump moves. What would be preferred, is that a jump move would take a card to the longest chain of the same suit, or take it to the shortest chain of the opposite color. Currently a jump card just takes it to the left most column regardless of chain length, which in most cases is not preferred and often misses taking a full chain off the board and wasting time to change the move accordingly. Having said that, this is the best version of the game I have played on the PC with really nice graphics.


10 September 2014

I love solitaire card games and have played several from the old CD software games to newer online versions. Solitaire 3D has one I hadn't tried before called "Unlimited" which is a nice twist to the game. The music playing after each win is kind of cheesy though.


2 September 2014

I love the number of different games and the variety of types of games. Glad I found this application.


24 June 2014

Lots of games. The programming is excellent in that the card action is quick and smooth. It maintains good statistics and is very flexible in customizing the appearance. It's the best solitaire game that I've found for Windows, good enough that I'm no longer looking.


20 January 2014

Really? I paid for this so I wouldn't have to connect to FB or have ads, yet Tri-peaks requires you to link to FB. Insane for $5.