Space Hunt

Explore a galaxy of color as you match planets, stars, and spaceships! This classic matching game combines the serenity of space with fast-paced arcade action. In Space Hunt, there are two minutes on the clock - how many matches can you make before time runs out? Bonuses like spaceships and stars should help - match them for explosive effects that will rock the cosmos and clear the board! Test your wits and sharpen your senses by finding chances to match three or more matching planets in a row. Match quickly to build your chain bonus and multiply your points! You can try to beat your own scores, or just relax to some soothing tunes and fun gameplay.


  • Match as many colorful planets as you can!
  • There's two minutes on the clock in this classic arcade-style game!
  • Match quickly to build your chain bonus!
  • Use bonus ships and stars for huge scores!
  • Cosmic scenery, music, and sounds.
  • Supports touch screen or mouse controls!