Speed Online

Wanna race... just for fun? Speed is a strategic board game played on a randomly generated "racetrack" where two players confront each other to win a single "lap" of the race. Start slow, then increase speed or reduce speed for corners, in order to make it as fast as possible around the board with your play piece. Careful, if you go too fast, you may not be able to make a turn. Also, you can block your opponent's path by being strategic with positioning yourself, denying him a quicker way to bypass you. Very simple rules, but very engaging game for 2 players. Play against people from around the world, compete, play ranked (to cumulate ELO Rankings) and unranked games for fun. Fast loading and super easy to pick up.


  • Play against real opponents from all over the world.
  • Challenge people online directly with a simple button press.
  • Chat with your opponents, make friends.
  • Randomly generated boards change the game at every turn
  • Observe other games being played.
  • View your and other player’s past games.
  • Analyze player styles using an easy history tool.
  • Cumulate your wins, losses and ELO Rankings (ranked games only).
  • View other player's Win/Loss records.
  • Super fast load time.
  • Ranked/unranked games and multiple timer options.
  • Ranked/unranked games and multiple timer options.
  • Constantly visible move history allows you to revert to previous positions as needed.