Spirit Run - Fire vs Ice

Get ready for the run of a lifetime. In this endless platformer you play an elemental spirit that has the ability to change form. Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice is inspired by games such as the platformer Canabalt and the classic shoot ‘em up Ikaruga. Jump, slide and transform to reach new heights. Use your spirit powers to change between ice and fire form. Match the elements to dash through fire and water hazards. The goal is to get as far as possible and to collect elemental orbs to multiply your score. Numerous obstacles need to be overcome if you want to compete with the best on the leaderboards. Spirit Run: Fire vs Ice features beautiful pixel art and 8-bit retro soundtrack that takes you back to the golden age of videogames.


  • Endless platforming fun
  • Beautiful retro-style graphics
  • Transform to escape traps and to collect multiplier pick-ups
  • Challenge your friends on the leaderboards

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18 January 2016

its ok not amazing but not bad ether its pretty good to so I don't know what to think but I have not tried it very much so who knows it could get better so yeah well I hoped this helped:) ok it is a day after when I submit this review and I played it more so it I really good game so try this game


22 February 2015

great and challenging